President Jair Bolsinaro fulfills a promise and sends the Brazilian congress a bill to legalize homeschooling! What is happening in Brazil is the most important front for homeschooling freedom! Open in google chrome for translation:

Governo pretende aprovar regulação do ensino domiciliar

Here is a rough translation:

The federal government’s bill to regulate home education, announced Thursday by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH), represents a new chapter in a battle that has lasted for years.
The proposal involves, on the one hand, a number outside the official statistics of parents who want the freedom to educate their children at home and, on the other, rules established for decades by the educational system and defended by most experts in the area.
The text of the Executive, which still needs to be approved by the National Congress to get out of the role, is criticized and supported based on some central points:
Importance of school as a space for socialization;
Quality of home teaching;
Market creation of didactic material, videotapes and private tutors;
Respect for the freedom of families;
Protection of vulnerable children.
To discuss the issue, the G1 heard five experts:

Carlos Vinícius Reis, executive director of the National Association of Home Education (Aned)
Roberto Catelli Junior, deputy coordinator of the NGO Acción Educativa
Anna Helena Altenfelder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (Cenpec)
Cesar Callegari, educational consultant, former member of the National Council, former secretary of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education and Education of the city of São Paulo
Telma Pileggi Vinha, professor at the School of Education of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp)

The arguments of those who oppose the approval of the project vary from criticism for depriving children of the space of socialization in schools until the opening for entrepreneurs of the branch to profit from the hiring of private tutors or the sale of teaching materials and videotapes.
The controversy also involves other services provided by schools, which include the protection of children and the articulation of care with health and social assistance areas.
Those who defend the teaching modality say that the project represents a step forward because, for the first time, a federal government recognizes the freedom of families who do not want their children in schools.
However, according to supporters of the proposal, the text presented on Thursday still needs to go through adjustments throughout the proceedings in the House and Senate. Among the points pointed out by the National Association of Home Education (Aned) is the discussion about a possible debureaucratization of the rules created by the MMFDH.


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