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Dear Friends,
The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) and the Christian Filmmakers Academy (CFA) are pleased to announce the inauguration of our very own YouTube channel dedicated to film clips and updates on past and future SAICFF events. The channel features television interviews, film clips from past and present semi-finalist films, and more.
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Redwolf: Some votes needed-Watch YouTube video!

Dear Friends,
A long-time solely-home educated family with 7 children who live near Wanganui have made a short video to enter an international contest with Redwolf Airsoft, makers of soft BBs and BB guns and equipment. So far they have ranked in the top 20!!
Please read the wee blurb about it below written by one of the daughters. Then watch the video at the link given and rank the video. To rank it (click the 5th of the 5 stars immediately below the video screen on the YouTube page, the star on the far right!)…you also need to sign in as a YouTube user in order to rank. This is just a matter of clicking a few links and filling in a few details…the first link is right next to the 5th star. This video is definitely NOT PC….in other words, it is just plain fun! Enjoy!
Craig Smith
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From: Clare 
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 11:35 AM
Subject: We need some votes!

Hi Craig,
Could you send this to any of the homeschoolers you think would like this? P.S. Don’t forget to vote yourself!
Steven has entered a competition for who can make the best advertisment for Redwolf. Redwolf supply us with BB guns for Youth Group. (In case you don’t know BB guns fire small plastic BBs, they are for shooting people with in a fake game and for the most part, being shot doesn’t hurt.) Redwolf have set up a competition for who can make the best add for them. The winner gets a $2000 BB gun. Please have a look at the following link and rate it. To rate something, you have to be a Youtube user. To win the competition, we need your rating! how-to-vote

See what you think! Thanks!