Education and Training Bill 193—1 – submissions close on the 14th Feb 2020.

There is a sweeping education legislation review before NZ parliament at the moment. The “Education and Training Bill 193—1” is at the select committee stage and submissions close on the 14th Feb 2020.

Cynthia Hancox has put up much about this bill on her website and is continuing to link different parts of the bill to her articles.

  1. Cynthia’s main article about the need for submissions about the omission of the right of appeal, as well as touching on the ELX issue, and giving links to legislation, how to make a submission etc:
  2. A summary of the sections of the Bill that either directly apply to home educators, or will be of interest to the wider related group, including Christians and people passionate about education. Sections of Law of Interest to Home Educators
  3. A more detailed article around the Early Leaving Exemptions issue – Early Leaving Exemptions (ELX) – Issues and Solution.

This is all a work still in progress. Cynthia is still working on all of this and she also wants to write an “in a nutshell” guide to what and how to make the submission.

It would be great if many of us put in submissions. We don’t have much time with submissions closing February 14, 2020. Cynthia has done all the hard work for us, so go to the links above to find plenty of material for your submissions.

Needing help for your home schooling journey:
Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:
Information on getting started:
Information on getting an exemption:
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Exemption Form online: