August 15, 2022

Ginnys Herbs newsletter re Food Bill

Hi everyone, this food bill has been bothering me – and when I received this email today I decided that I would share it with you. I would say that all of my newsletter recipients love having their gardens and would be shattered if what has happened overseas was allowed to happen here. I know you will all understand why I have decided to give all all the chance to attempt to have our say on this- how ironic that it is going through Parliament at the time of year when giving and our families are so important, Ginny

Apologies if repeated – but best the word gets out twice than never!

Fellow gardeners and concerned citizens,

This really is important to give 5 minutes of your time to. It is being said that if this goes ahead we may all have to pay the govt another $2500 just for the privilege of having a garden. It is expected that they will pass this law during these coming Xmas holidays when people normally are distracted with other activities. It’s absolutely insane and must be stopped! We dont want to lose the freedom of being able to grow our own veges! If this goes through we will not be able to reverse it. I see that there’s 14,500 signitures – let’s support it and try and get those 50,000. Please forward it on for the good of all kiwis!
Best Regards

There is a piece of legislation going through NZ parliament at the
moment called the Food Bill. There is not much information in the
media because the media aren’t or can’t talk about it. It will be
snuck through faster than a greasy pig while we are on holidays in
January. We need action now to get 50,000 signatures – already nearly
13,000 have signed – not enough and we potentially have less than TWO

Some parts of this bill involve change that is good. But some parts
are completely insane/horrendous and have the potential to compromise
your health in the future, because they reduce the ability for small
food producers produce and give away/sell seeds and food. And it
would be policed by Food Officers, not needing a warrant, not
government employees, & apparently having immunity from civil or
criminal prosecution! This is in the legislation!

And what is different about this legislation as it comes under an
international rule called ‘Codex’ or ”Codex Alimentarius’. If we go
along with Codex NZ then CAN’T CHANGE the legislation in future. This
is what is really apalling about this. It is not Common Law, it is
Napoleonic Code. It hasn’t happened before with food and is a quiet
part of Codex that most people don’t realise. We would actually have
to get out of the W.H.O. to change this legislation if we didn’t like
it – which is just not a thing governments do. We would be stuck.
So we need to take time on this legislation, not fast track it through
at Christmas time.

What’s really shocking about this is that these rules are developed to
say we need ‘food safety’. (Because we all know home grown veggies
are worse from us than mass produced stuff?!?) But what they really
mean is to get rid of little producers, little growers and keep the
growing of food in the hands of the big companies. Codex wasn’t
designed by governments and independent think tanks it was developed
by mega corporations – pharmacy, agribusiness, chemical. These laws
were NOT initially drafted by the NZ government, but by lawyers
employed by big international corporates.

We need to stop this legislation as parliament want to sneak it
through while people are on holidays in January (which is what they do
when legislation is controversial). At a later date it can then be
reviewed and amended.

Main problems with Food Bill 160-2 :
1. Home & small growers who grow small amounts of food and sell
locally NEED to be exempt – they are not.
2. Seeds for cultivation and food seedlings NEED TO NOT BE within
the definition ‘food’ under the Bill. (This is huge – imagine you not
being able to produce seed and give away!!). This sounds crazy but
seeds will be ‘explicitly controlled substances’ (like drugs) –
seriously. Why? Not sci-fi – in time whoever controls the food chain
protects their own interests. (This is so unbelievable that I believe
this is why we are not acting.)
3. Under the Food Bill, Police acting as Food Safety Officers can
raid premises without a warrant, using all equipment they deem
necessary –
including guns (Clause 265 -1) (What is the precedent for this? Why
is this necessary?)
4. Members of the private sector can also be Food Safety
Officers, as at Clause 243. Eg. Monsanto employees can raid premises –
marae – backed up by armed police. (This has never happened before
or needed to happen).
5. AND Food Safety Officers have immunity from criminal and civil
prosecution. What is the precedent for this?

Go here:

These petitions are internationally recognised and your details are
safe – email addresses WILL NOT be passed on.

It has been under the radar as the media won’t talk about it.
Advertisers won’t let it in and anyone trying to write an opposing
view is lobbed off as ‘weird hippies’ or whatever. Professionals who
are deeply anxious about this legislation won’t/can’t write/talk about
it because their careers/integrity could be undermined. Quite
disturbing This needs attention and thought. You make up your own

Treat it like some conspiracy theory and don’t necessarily believe
what I say. Be cynical, look this up, research it, please be

Why didn’t I do anything earlier? Because I simply didn’t realise all
the implications. Because it is just so complex. And I couldn’t
believe it all.

But please – don’t sit on this like I did – act quickly.

Jodie Bruning

Please kindly forward this on.


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Reading challenge for 2012


Today I came across this challenge to read 52 books during 2011. Well, we only have one week left to go so I looked at the website to see what the challenge is for 201212 classics in 12 months.

What a wonderful challenge to have.

12 in 2012

Challenge yourself to read 12 classics in 12 months  or  12 chunksters (over 600 pages)  in 12 months.
For those who manage to read more than 52 books a year, challenge yourself to read 12 books in 12 categories in 2012. Otherwise, read 10 + a couple more different sub genres in each category.  Or mix it up anyway you want to read 52 books using the five different Genres and 114 sub genres.    Spice up your reading picks by picking new to you sub genres.

What foods are unhealthy for us

We are seeing home educators going back to the land more and more. After 40 to 50 years of processed food we are seeing the unhealthy lifestyle this produces and so realise we must change and go back to the foods our grandparents ate. The internet is a great source for finding out how to do things since many of our grandparents have now passed away with all their wonderful knowledge. Over the last few years I have been learning how to propogate seeds and now I am learning how to grow herbs and how to use them in cooking and for medicinal purposes. I am enjoying passing this information onto my children. There is so much to learn and pass on so that our future generations will be healthy. Here is a great website with wonderful information about healthy lifestyles. This page is focusing on food that are unhealthy for us. Let me quote a little from the page:

By Dr. Mercola

When deciding what’s healthy and what’s not, it pays to take note of what the actual experts are saying, as opposed to just listening to industry propaganda regurgitated by talking heads in the mass media and government health agencies.

Wake Up World has assembled a list of foods that are avoided by people who know the facts.

Here are a few examples:

Genetically engineered (GE) foods: Not only do genetically modified (GM) foods encourage the massive spraying of insecticides, but studies have shown that pesticide-producing genes in these foods transfer to your intestinal flora.

GM foods come with a staggering environmental, political, economic, and social cost.

Canned tomatoes: Food can lining contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to many illnesses.

The problem worsens when the cans contain acidic food such as tomatoes, which leach BPA into the food.

Corn-fed beef: Cattle evolved to eat grass rather than corn.

But modern cattle are fed so as to fatten them up faster, not to keep them healthy.

The result is beef that is much less nutritious.

Microwave popcorn: Chemicals that line the bag, such as PFOA, have been linked to infertility in humans and various forms of cancer in animal tests.

To see the rest of the list, please see the original article.

Here, I’ll focus on the issue of genetically engineered foods, as I believe that is one of the most pressing dangers facing us as a species.

Do read this link as there is a lot of good information in it plus a number of  YouTube clips. I’ll share just a bit more from this page here:

Since the U.S. government prevents the labeling of GM foods, it’s imperative to educate yourself on what they are, and to help spread awareness on how to avoid these foods.

First and foremost, avoid most processed foods, unless it’s labeled USDA 100% Organic.  You can also avoid GM foods that are not found in processed foods, if you know what to look for. There are currently eight genetically modified food crops on the market (plus GM alfalfa, which is used as an animal feed and will primarily affect animal products raised in confined animal feeding operations, aka ‘factory farms.’):

  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils)
  • Canola (canola oil)
  • Sugar from sugar beets
  • Hawaiian papaya
  • Some varieties of zucchini
  • Crookneck squash

The free Non-GMO Shopping Guide is a great resource to help you determine which food brands and processed food products are GM-free. Print it out for yourself, and share it with everyone you know. If you feel more ambitious you can order the Non-GMO Shopping Tips brochure in bulk and bring them to the grocery stores in your area. Talk to the owner or manager and get permission to post them in their store.

I think this is a very important part of our home eductating – training our children in healthy lifestyles.


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Gotland Court Refuses to Hear Transfer of Custody In the Case of Domenic Johansson

We’ve received news today that Gotland Courts have refused to grant a hearing on the transfer of custody of now 10 year old Domenic Johansson from his parents and to foster parents. During a December 9th preliminary hearing, the Johanssons and representatives of Gotland Social Services were asked to present evidence supporting or refuting the need for custody transfer. After reviewing all the evidence, news was recieved today that the presiding judge has determined there was not enough evidence suggesting Annie and Christer Johansson should permanently lose the custody of their son. To the best of our knowledge, this is the very first time in the 2.5 years of this battle, where the Johanssons were finally allowed representation in court by an attorney of their choosing, Ruby Harrold-Claesson.

While this latest court decision does not lift the ongoing LVU order, it is a very bright star in an otherwise bleak journey through the Swedish Social Services system. Now that a judge has finally heard and weighed evidence from all sides and has found the side of Gotland Social Services to be wanting in their case against the Johanssons, it is our hope that the dissolution of the LVU case will soon follow with Domenic placed back into his rightful position within the bossom of his family.

Click HERE to read background on this case.

Click HERE to read an open letter from Christer Johansson, Domenic’s father.


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Updated 10 December 2011: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


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Open Letter From Grieving Father by Christer Johansson

Open Letter & Timeline

Open Letter From Grieving Father

by Christer Johansson



I’ve read the Discrimination Law, the Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention, the Swedish Government Third Wave of Implementation of Human Rights and I have no other option but to conclude that our family is being gravely discriminated against by the Social Service on Gotland.

My name is Christer Johansson and I am the father of a bright, beautiful boy that has been broken into millions of pieces by the Social Services in Gotland Kommun. As perhaps you know, Domenic was taken from us in 2009 as we were on our way to India. This happened after a year of harassment and disputes over our right to educate Domenic at home. Once they took Domenic from us, we started a process of hearings and appeals to determine if we were fit parents and if Domenic was to live with us or with a foster family.

What follows is an account of some of the miscarriages of justice and blunt discrimination with which the Social Services approached our case from the very beginning. The social workers presented reports based on inventions and untruthful statements and they were not challenged by the lawyers that were supposed to defend us. Pure gossip was elevated to the status of science while sound statements by psychologists and doctors on the mental and physical health of the family were dismissed.

Just as an example, the Social Board asked the social workers at the beginning of the process about the grounds for taking custody from the parents and placing Domenic in foster care. Social worker Caroline Palmqvist stated that it was “on account of Christer’s mental health.” This was the first time any of us heard that my mental health was an issue. On no occasion before the moment they took my son from me had anybody within the system mention this. Now, I have proved twice and with sound reports from experts, that I do not have a mental health problem. I did suffer the trauma of suffering an earthquake and a robbery that almost took my life and took everything I had. That is different than having a mental disorder.

When mental health could not be pressed harder as a reason for justifying taking my son from me, they accused me of being a drug addict. I said, “Let me go and test myself.” Now in Sweden, to go and test yourself a Social Worker has to make the request. In this case it was the responsibility of Sofie Rosenquist to make such request. She did not do it, and she did not do it repeatedly forcing me to plea with the laboratory in charge of the testing to do it anyway. They did and it came back clean. I sent the results to Sofie Rosenquist who later on testified that I had not taken the test. Despite my complaints nobody in the court system followed up on her statement or on the laboratory.

All of a sudden I ceased being an issue and they focused on the fact that Domenic had been educated at home. It did not seem to matter that we won the case regarding homeschooling before Domenic was taken from us. It did not seem to matter that we have, in fact, registered Domenic in public school in Havdhem. It did not seem to matter that I was also invited to work there as I have been working as a teacher for many years…

Read more here:



Fall of 2008: The Johansson’s (Christer and Annie) contact the Ministry of Education and after being told that they could homeschool and start the process amidst the obstruction of local school officials. They make the decision of homeschooling base on their plans to move to India in a few months and consider that this will ease Domenic’s (born 2002) transition and adjustment.
January 2009: After being fined and visited by social services on many occasions, Christer Johansson calls for meetings to discuss this matter, to no avail. The authorities decide that Domenic has to go to school.
February 11. 2009: The Child and education department orders the family to pay a fine of 250 SEK per day that Domenic is not at school. The Social Services intensify their pressure on the family. Homeschooling is still the only issue.
May 27th 2009: An action is taking to enforce the payment of the fine (Now 15.000 SKr). The court refused to enforce it because the school year is over – an implicit recognition of the right of the family to homeschool under the law at that time (it became illegal in July 2011). Christer Johansson informs the court of the family intention to move to India on June 26th. There is no court order or any other legal action taken to prevent the Johanssons from moving to India as was their plan.
June 25, 2009: Domenic and his parents are seated on the flight to India. Swedish police take Domenic from the plane. They alleged that there has been an anonymous report on the family (this has never been confirmed). The family cooperates. They are told that some social workers are going to talk to Domenic for a few minutes, they agree to let him go. The social worker takes Domenic from the airport. Annie collapses.
The Social Services agree to place Domenic with his uncle, Christer’s brother, Mike. The parents are told that they will be able to have Domenic back the following Monday. When they go to pick him up, they are told that they have found two cavities, that Domenic seems to be extremely shy and not behaving like a normal kid of his age, and they consider this to be evidence that there is a developmental problem. From here on there is reference to Domenic’s mental health. This time both Annie and Christer collapsed. Due to their physical and emotional reaction the social services decide to not allow them to see Domenic. They finally see Domenic 6 WEEKS later. In Christer’s words “he (Domenic) was broken in small pieces”
August 4th, 2009: First hearing.

Read more here: Read more here:


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