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Updates on Craig’s health written by family



Craig’s diary: Diary of a Brain Tumour

Youtube videos: https://hef.org.nz/q-a-with-craig/ (started videoing yesterday – we have lots to put up so please keep coming back to view them)

5 thoughts on “Updates on Craig’s tumour

  1. I heard the terrible news about Graig….

    The Gerson diet is one of the best diets for cancer.

    Gerson has seen total, long-term recoveries of brain cancer and failures.
    The problem is not the cancer itself, but the location of the tumor. In the course of a healing reaction, the body almost always produces an inflammation, which itself is desirable, since inflammation fluid usually destroys tumor tissue. However, it also causes swelling in regular tissue. A brain tumor is enclosed within the skull where there is no room for such swelling to take place. Instead, the “healing inflammation” with its swelling causes serious pressure within the skull, and that is likely to bring on seizures. These have to be handled carefully, reducing the swelling to decrease the seizure activity, thus blocking the healing process. It is hard to find a middle way between allowing inflammation yet relieving severe headaches and seizures.

    Why not try adding something simple and very quick and effective as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution):



    You can down load the e-book so that you can have it immediately. MMS works very fast and is very effective. Take MMS in combination with cayenne powder !!! Cayenne powder ON THE TONGUE opens the arteries to the brain, increases the blood flow to the head, so the MMS can reach the tumor and kill the bacteria/viruses/fungi in it!!! You can take it in combination with 50 mg of niacin (vitamin B3), the one that makes you flush, again to increase blood flow to the brains.
    You can order it in New Zealand at:


    (you’ll need the kit)
    Start with it immediately. It has saved many lives. See also:


    I hope this can be of help to Craig.
    He is worth so much. He means so much to the homeschooling world. We need people like him! We do not want to loose him. I hope by giving you this information I can be of some help.

    I have delved a lot into health issues, because my son had epilepsy and many other difficulties (learning, behavioral, psychiatric, medical). I discovered the medical world doesn’t love my son. They did nothing about the cause. They only wanted to treat the symptoms and poisoned his body with medication. I prayed to the Almighty to show me our sons way to healing and He did! I worked on the cause and got him well with diet, and now he is without his medication! He has not had any seizures, his behaviour has changed dramatically and his body became healthy again. I’ve got my son back again.

    Now I fear with Craig that they will want to treat the symptoms only, but not the cause of his tumor. It is important to keep on working on the cause, which is usually toxic waist (a toxic liver) and malnourishment. So that’s why the Gerson diet works wonders, because it detoxifies the body, while building it up with nourishing freshly pressed juices. The book is available at:


    One more important thing, when Craig gets seizures, eliminate ALL starches and sugars from his diet!!! (He may have clear clover honey.). (See GAPS book from Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, neurologist & nutritionist).

    May the Almighty show Graig’s pathway to healing. May it be a pleasant way.


  2. Thanks Ross and Merel, Genevieve will research these. She is researching everything that everyone sends to us to see if it works well with LifeOne Protocol. The things that Genevieve thinks, as she researches things, she passes by Dr Farley in the USA. We have taken on board many of the suggestions that people are making to us.

    So thankyou everyone for passing onto us the information you know about. There is a ton of it out there.

    Craig should be beginning intravenous Vit C early next week – just waiting for the results of a blood test to come back.

    Craig can’t fly. He would die with the type of tumour he has. So he cannot go to his dr in the USA or to the incredible dr in Sydney. Thanks for all those suggestions though.

  3. I just want to encourage you… I have been on the Hallelujah diet now for just over 2 months. I was diagnosed with a condition called Gastroparesis and was told I would never eat solid food again. I was on liquid feed (pure chemical) and decided this couldn’t be good for me as I was getting worse and worse (was hospitalised 8 times in the past year with 5 surgeries) and was having to look at tube feeding. I started working with a Naturopath last year and started juicing and taking supplements. Then I came across the Barley Green and the Hallelujah Diet and have followed the health recovery programme completely- within 2 months I have come off all my medication and now can manage all the good food and will definitely stay on this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I have astounded my specialists to the point that they have discharged me as they don’t know how to deal with me!

    I was homeschooled as a child and now homeschool my 4 chidlren. I know that your contribution to the homeschooling community is huge and I pray that you will be able to continue this work. My family will be continuing to lift you up in prayer.

    God bless,
    Jennifer Carvajal
    Auckland, NZ

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