Craig’s health including the Spain Home Schooling International Leadership Conference

Some of you may have heard from other sources that Craig is having issues with his health.

Many people have been asking and we have seen a few google searches for “Craig Smith’s health”. So we have made a page on our website that we will update as we have news.

“A couple weeks ago Craig suddenly went all numb down his left side, from scalp to bottom of the foot. Actually, it crept up…he noticed it first in his foot really bad, then the whole leg, then rest of side. Upon reflection, he realised the scalp on the left had been numb for some time, but it was no big deal. The Dr got onto it straight away: ECG, blood tests, CT scan. All clear. But then the MRI. And the neurologist made an appointment to see us before he was even off the MRI table.  The Neurologist told us that Craig has a big tumor in his brain. Not the best news in the world, but as we tell all our Christian friends here, the Lord has the best sanctification programme out! Romans 8:28 and James 1:2-4. So Craig has another full-body CT scan on Tuesday 2 August to see if there are any other tumors in his body and encologists and neuro surgeons at Wellington Hospital are already working on a game plan. We hope to hear from them early next week.”

We are not sure what lies ahead at this stage. We may know a bit more on Tuesday after the full body CT Scan and after the Wellington drs contact us.

In the meantime we are doing everything we can to fight this.

We don’t know what is going to happen with the first Home Schooling International Leadership Conference in Spain. Mike Donnerly from HSLDA is praying that we will still be able to make it. We are keeping our options open at the moment but not buying any tickets yet.

We will get back to you once we know and for those who have already given donations, we thank you, and will either get receipts to you or give you a refund if we do not go to the conference this year.

Thank you so very much to those who have been praying for us. We are seeing many prayers being answered. God’s mercy to us is new every morning and we are thankful. Thanks too, for the many messages of comfort and encouragement via our emails, Facebook, the Trademe message board, phone calls and visits.