MoE offices processing exemption applications

“It is best that the exemption applications be sent to the “old offices” and then they can distribute them if need be.”

Please see my email below to Lucy and her reply regarding which offices we should be sending our exemption applications to.

Are all the local MoE offices now processing exemptions?

These offices will be processing the exemptions:

There is confusion about these other offices since they are not in the link above yet:

Tai Tokerau
Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne

1.  It would be helpful to have:
a) a list in the above link of the offices that are now processing the exemption applications
b) and if they are not yet when the expected date is.
The other confusion people have is – which office to send the exemption to.

2. It would be helpful to have a map of New Zealand in the link showing the catchment for each local MoE office.

This is Lucy’s reply:

I will add this to the feedback for collation, thank you.

In terms of your first question – it is up to the regional directors of each region whether they will be processing the applications in their office or not. Some have not made that decision yet, and I am not sure when the decisions will be made.

So for now, it is best that the applications be sent to the “old offices” and then they can distribute them if need be.

Once I hear more I will let you know.


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