Ministry of Education – Review report and Ministry work programme

Email from the MoE – We are having a Teleconference with the MoE next Tuesday and would love your feedback:

Dear Home Educating Parent

The Ministry of Education has recently completed its review of home education in New Zealand which we consulted with you on in September 2014. We have now developed a work programme for change which includes a number of operational improvements.

As well as consulting with you, we also sought feedback from Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (the Correspondence School) and the Education Review Office (ERO) as well as Ministry of Education staff. We used the feedback from throughout the sector to inform our decisions and actions to improve home education in New Zealand.

You can find a copy of the review report at:

The report contains the Ministry’s future work programme for home education as an appendix and includes dates about when particular changes are scheduled to take place.

These changes are mainly focused on operational improvements including:

·         Reviewing the application form and appeal and complaints process

·         Developing new practice guidelines

·         Training ministry advisors in home education philosophies

·         Implementing a more robust application assessment process (in particular regarding declining applications)

We have also made some immediate improvements based on your feedback. For example the Statutory Declarations will no longer need to be signed by a Justice of the Peace which will take effect 1 April 2015.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email

Kind Regards,

Jim Greening

Group Manager – Sector Enablement & Support

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education | Te T?huhu o te M?tauranga

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2 thoughts on “Ministry of Education – Review report and Ministry work programme

  1. As the mother of teenagers my priority now is to prepare them for life beyond home education. I would therefore Like the Ministry of education to allow home educating students with an exemption to undertake NCEA studies through Tekura whenever they feel they are ready. failing this then perhaps from age 15 onwards when some other organizations such as GH Training allow home educated students with exemptions to participate in their courses which are usually for ages 16 – 19 years.

    This is especially of importance now as in December of last year the Cambridge International Exam option was removed and students can no longer sit these exams without special arrangements with a link school…. most of which will require full time enrollment for a student to sit exams.

    My only other concerns are that I would like a family application for exemptions that enables parents to add addition children to the exemption as they reach the appropriate age.

    I like that they have gotten rid of the statutory declaration requirements for the allowances.

    Well done everyone


  2. Oh and I strongly oppose any standardized academic testing which I feel some MoE feedback was pushing for.

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