Psalty: Welcome to the Family

“Psalty: Welcome to the Family” is a musical fit for all the family. Psalty, the Singing Songbook, comes back to visit his friends, the Kids Praise Kids, bringing along with him a big surprise. Together, they learn how Christians around the world are all part of a big family that can work together!

Please come along and support us! 🙂 A great little show!

Ticket are available here: or directly from the Globe.

21st May, 7pm
22nd May, 7pm
23rd May, 2pm
23rd May, 7pm

$12 general admission
Family passes are for four people ($40 total).

Comment from Jess: “For anyone in or near the Manawatu region, if you get a chance, please go see this performance (most of the children are home educated, and it is directed by a home educator also) the last Psalty play they did was amazing!! And I’m sure this one will be too”

My son Jedediah is doing all the sound for this play with all his own gear – the speakers he built from scratch with a little help from a friend.


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