National Library registration and lending process for home educators

An email from the National Library:

Good afternoon

I would like to inform you of the new process for home educators to use when they request their home educator loans through National Library’s Services to Schools.  I would appreciate if you could please forward this on to your members for their information:

National Library has introduced a new process for requesting home educator loans. This is explained on its website:

There are two steps to follow:

You can download the forms and then fill them in and send completed forms to National Library by email ( or by post to their Auckland centre (National Library of New Zealand, Private Bag 99936, Newmarket, Auckland 1149).

This new system aligns with National Library’s new lending policy and its school registration and loan request processes.

Based on how the lending service is set up, there is no longer the opportunity for you to walk into the Auckland or Christchurch centres and get books issued. All loan requests must be made by post or email and then resources will be sent out.

Loans need to be returned at the end of each term.  These can be dropped off to the nearest centre (in Auckland or Christchurch) or returned by courier or post. Unfortunately the flat-rate CourierPost service for schools is not available to home educators.

To find out more about home educator entitlements please visit

Kind regards

Services to Schools


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