May 27, 2022

Global Christian Online Home Education Conference – Day 5 Topics and Speakers

If you are wanting to purchase this conference you have only a few HOURS left to do so.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN until 31 August 2020 (USA time, so today, only a few HOURS in the Southern Hemisphere):

DAY 5: Amazing Working Moms & Entrepreneurs

Meant for God, Mind for Business (Justina Ford)
How to have a heart for God and mind for business taught byThe Soul-B rand Alignment Strategist, Justina Ford. As a Christian building a business is an extension of your God-given gifts and talents. You want to know that you are pleasing to God and that you are honoring who He has designed you to be. I ask 7 critical questions to ensure that you are maintaining a heart for God and a mind for business with the confidence to charge your worth. Business mindset should always be in alignment with the mind of God.

Justina is a #1 Amazon International Best Selling Author, Business Mindset and Strategy Coach, Motivational Speaker, Internationally Published and Awarded Makeup Artist, and creator of the Soulful Business Alignment and Mindset Mastery Blueprint. She developed a business from her heart and soul that has allowed her to mentor dozens of women, get paid to speak and share her story, expertise, and truth. She has celebrated 5-figure launches and built a business with the flexibility to homeschool her three children. Most importantly she’s watched her Soulful Business Alignment and Mindset Mastery Coaching Program help her clients build the mindset, clarity, confidence, and visibility they needed that has allowed them to create signature programs, triple their sales, get their retail product in local stores, launch their businesses, and sign contracts up to $1 Million in their own business. Justina is a Jesus lover, army veteran spouse, homeschooling mom, and vocalist at her church.

 WORKING MAMA’s Survival Tools to Homeschooling (Elizabeth Sharpe)

As a twelve year homeschooling mama that worked and homeschooled, I have come up with a plan that will insure that you are successful!  Working homeschool moms have similar and different challenges than non working mamas.  I will teach you the three strategies that you must have to be SUCCESSFUL!


Elizabeth Ramirez Sharpe, M.Ed. is a mom, wife, professor, parent, health educator and marriage and family coach. She has been married for twenty-two years and has a seventeen year old daughter and five year old son, both with learning disabilities. She is certified in Feeding Dynamics and trains and teaches in the areas of holistic health, learning disabilities, academic achievement, discipline, social emotional health and feeding issues. A native of California, she and her family recently relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. She believes EVERY child, teen young adult and parent can thrive with the right mindset, tools and community!!!!!!!

Encouraging the Homeschool Entrepreneur (Crissi Allen)

Can you really do it all – raise children, home-educate and build a business?  If that’s what the Lord has called you to do, then yes!  Jesus will empower and give you the resources and help you to thrive!  But what do we need to focus on first?  Good question!  Mompreneur Crissi Allen is privileged to share with you her 20+ years of FAILING FORWARD and how she survived homeschooling while building several business ministries at the same time.  She will focus on three areas of your life and give you very practical and actionable items to implement immediately!

Crissi Allen homeschooled her children for 20 years while building businesses to help her family and community to thrive. Currently, she is the Founder & Executive Director of a 16-year Christ-Centered Co-op called HEART Academy, connecting homeschooling families with passionate mentors in the Silicon Valley of California ( Within this community, Crissi finds it a great joy to be working with talented students and directors to produce 3 musical drama productions per year.  She is the co-author of “Why I Love Homeschooling: 24 Parents Share the Joys & Challenges of Educating Their Children At Home” (  After a stint of helping her daughter heal from migraine headaches, she entered into the world of natural health. Through this very personal experience, she understood that God wants us to heal in three areas – the body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and Spirit and that if we submit to the Holy Spirit, the body and soul would follow. She has been Wellness Coach for 7 years using Prayer, Scripture, Nutrition and Essential Oils as healing modalities. (

 Leading Your Student Toward Entrepreneurship (Bernadette Ashby)

Bernadette Ashby is a successful serial entrepreneur.  She has a MA in Education with a California Teaching Credential from San Jose State University.  In addition, she has a MA in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  She is a veteran homeschool mom committed to passing on the entrepreneurial mindset to the next generation of Christian families. 

REGISTRATION IS OPEN until 31 August 2020 (USA time, so today, only a few HOURS in the Southern Hemisphere):

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Topics and Speakers:

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Topics and Speakers:


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