September 22, 2023

Home Educators happy with benefit revamp in Australia

Thankfully I came across this Australians have common sense where it seems our NZ Government does not  and was able to mention it in my Oral Submission. I was not able to find any more information about it before I presented my Oral Submission but today I finally have more information. So for those still to give their Oral Submissions you might like to mention this. For the rest of us we can mention it in our emails and other contact with the Select Committee over the next few weeks.

Beverley Paine in Australia wrote about it 13 September here Centrelink and Home Education

So what is all this about?

Australia is revamping their benefits as well. And Home Educators are VERY happy with the outcome. So we need to be pointing out to the Select Committee what has happened in Australia and ask our Government to follow their example.

Some one wrote this to me and it seems to explain it very well:

The Australian government wants to force all single mums / parents into work once their youngest child turns eight. So they will no longer be able to access single parenting payment after then, but will be transferred to Newstart allowance which is, to my knowledge around $200 less per fortnight. They will need to apply for a certain number of jobs per fortnight and be seen to be actively seeking employment in order to receive the Newstart payment.

Home schoolers, who are registered with the appropriate education authorities in the state in which they live, will be exempt from having to look for work, or engage in study etc, and will receive Newstart but at the higher rate ( the same rate as parenting payment).

This is wonderful. Australia recognises the great work that home educators do and the need for them to be at home with their children.


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