September 22, 2023

Kate’s oral submission and some questions

Kate’s blog:

Hardest Blog I have ever had to write – Part 2!!

What a day!!   I appeared before the select committee at the Novotel in Auckland today for what was possibly one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my existence.  I got there early enough to see other submissions including a Doctor who was absolutely fascinating and who brought up points of objection that I had not even contemplated and I found myself furiously scribbling down most of what she was saying just to remember it for future use.  However my hand was shaking so much with nerves I am not sure how readable any of it will actually be!

It’s a fairly intimidating experience with the committee sat around three sides of a square with you sitting on your lonesome (in my case) in front of the panel.  They welcomed me and off I went.  I found it incredibly hard even with my public speaking and acting experience under my belt not to become overwhelmed by the emotion behind what I feel.  It took everything I had to keep it together.  I tried my best to remember what I had written and not read it off the page as I wanted to see what impact I was having on the members and make eye contact with as many as I could.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I knew I had got to my last paragraph.  My oral submission was really well received by the committee who congratulated me (well most of them!) for a passionate and well reasoned piece.  Then the questions started….I think nearly every person there asked me something. I can’t remember all of them but a few of them below.

Read the questions and Kate’s answers here and well as Kate’s oral submission:

Some questions others were asked:

1.  Are you totally against compulsory ECE for preschoolers or would amending the bill to include home based care and other options be acceptable?

2.  Why do you say that fifteen hours is a long time? I could understand if the Bill was proposing, say, thirty hours but fifteen doesn’t seem that much time to me.

3.  You mentioned that there are some families that need help because their children are vulnerable and are being neglected etc … what different solutions would you propose to help them? (This question was quite specific to something I had talked about).

Be sure to read the questions that Kate was asked in the link above as well.

Please if they ask you about getting exemptions for homeschoolers to keep their children from an ECE. Please say that we do NOT want to go with that option. We want the Social Obligations to be taken out of the Bill.

If in questions they bring up the subject of making exemptions available for home educating preschoolers, your answer is that it wouldn’t work. A, it’d be unfair since the general population don’t have to get exemptions to preschool at home. B, more importantly, the MSD’s policy for home education is to REFUSE exemptions unless it would be unreasonable for the child to attend school (see Paula Bennet’s letter to Samuel Blight). The bill already provides for preschoolers to be exempted from ECE attendance where it would be unreasonable for them to do so, so adding exemptions would be an empty gesture.

As I hear of more questions people were asked I will add them here.


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  1. Mother Cupboard says

    I made me Oral submission today. Thanks to your post along with another I read of Barbara’s encouraged me even more so to stay strong and go ahead with the submission. I had fear of backing out based on my nerves only yesterday. It is good you both have the initiative to put yours on here for the rest to be inspired by and give courage to, Thanks alot!