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Literacy is a hot topic at the moment, with more and more people leaving
school with low literacy levels. Many children, when asked how they
felt with regards to writing and reading, reply that it is boring,
requires too much effort or they feel the material just isn’t relevant
to their lives or their interests. Research has shown that children are
a lot more encouraged in their writing efforts when they know it has a
purpose (e.g. will be published in a real book). They have also been
found to read more eagerly when the material presented has been written
by other children. The beauty of a book like The Kids Journal is that we
can not only showcase great writing projects ( English, social studies,
history etc), but also photographs and instructions from art and
technology projects, book reviews, cartoons and jokes and even have kids
draw up brainteasers and puzzles for others to solve.


Started by a home educating family and aimed at publishing home
educators work, it has grown considerably, and is now also publishing
work by school children. However, it is still primarily a magazine by
children for children.

The journal idea is based on the “School Journal” format and will
contain as many entries as we can fit in. The Kids Journal is aimed at
not only the best submissions, but for struggling students who have
surpassed all expectations with their effort and commitment on a
project. (Including special needs students).These students deserve to be
recognised for work that does not come easily or effortlessly to them.

What do we envisage for the future?

We are in the process of collecting submissions for specific themed
journals, e.g. The Kids Nature Journal / Egyptology Journal /
Entomologists Journal etc. This would not only be a fun magazine for
children, but would also be a resource for teachers, parents and home
educators. With the enthusiastic start we have experienced, we envisage
this project to really take off.


The Kids Journal is sold at below cost to make it affordable for as many
families as possible. This is possible as we are currently sponsored by
Nature Discoveries, Wakelin Educational Services (Letterland) and
Learnex; which covers our extra publishing costs.

We publish 4 magazines a year, of not less than 40 pages, in A5 size.
Copies cost $5 plus $1.50 pp each. An annual subscription costs $20 +

We really appreciate your support with regards this venture.

For more Information, to send in work for publishing or to order your
copies contact us at:

The Kids Journal
153 Avon Rd

Tel: (03) 2163622 (office hours 10 am to 4pm)


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