Anti-Smacking Referendum ‘09: ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED

Anti-Smacking Referendum ‘09



…..and NO Copyright!

The website has all the information you need regarding the upcoming anti-smacking Referendum including
frequently asked questions,
quotes of interest,
summary of polls,
summary of media releases on this issue,
how to enroll,
background of the Referendum
even a cartoons page!

But there are also
FREE downloadable brochures and posters
(and banner adverts and sidebar adverts for your blogs and website). The brochures are even in other translations including Maori, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Chinese, and Hindi! Download them – photocopy – and distribute to family and friends!

So GET THE WORD OUT on what this Referendum is all about.

There’s no copyright – we won’t sue you for plagiarism! GO FOR YOUR LIFE!! But especially – encourage people to vote!

We can also make the videos available to show to your group including Simon Barnett, Referendum proposer Sheryl Savill and Maori Child Advocate Bev Adair – simply email us for the files

There’s also a blog, we’re on Twitter, and a group of supporters have started a Facebook group

You may also see our Billboard campaign underway also.


You may even like to financially support the VoteNO campaign!!

But at the end of the day, the Referendum is about you having the opportunity to have YOUR say! Help send a strong message to the politicians that they simply cannot ignore.

Have a great weekend

Bob McCoskrie
National Director