Free Webinar: Babies & Sign Language – Give Them Their Words

HSB Webinar:

When: Wednesday, July 14, 2010
2 PM EDT–Preshow 1 PM EDT

Discover a whole new means of communicating with babies, as well as the value of sign language for all ages, in this hands-flying, finger-moving class on communication. Learn why signing works even for your smallest children. The benefits will astound you! Do you think reading while teaching is difficult? Come find out how reading while teaching can be incredibly easy and even fun!
About the Presenter:

Marsha Peterson is a single parent raising her son Chad who she fondly calls Potts. Chad was born with Down’s syndrome and Autism. As a baby he knew what he wanted, just like most babies, but couldn’t express it which often resulted in frustrated and often dangerous meltdowns. Chad’s special education teacher suggested sign language might be helpful. He began learning to sign in 1993 shortly after his first birthday. There was no time to attend sign language classes and videos were not an option. It was hard to find teachers and caregivers that knew how to sign, as well as frustrating to see that there can be different signs for the same word. Learning and generalizing signs became a bigger and bigger problem as Chad was expanding signs to communicate. So how do parents give their child a language and involve everyone? Marsha decided that creating a book using stories about things we do everyday would be a great way to learn and “generalize” those signs. It is also a fun way to introduce literacy to baby.

Special preshow with Heather Laurie
Special needs homeschooling?  Yes you can!
Join Heather Laurie as she discusses and defines special needs homeschooling, the legality, and where to stay updated on laws. Heather will also share practical tips and ideas on how to help your child thrive, ideas on dealing with the added stress of having a child with a medical problem or who is not excelling at a normal pace, and provide encouragement  through the outcomes and overcomes of families that have gone before us!
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