National Student CHOGM 2010

National Student CHOGM 2010

Dates: 20–21 September

Held at Parliament, this conference is a fun and enriching experience for Y13 students, and is open to all secondary schools.

Based on the international Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, this conference gives students the chance to step into the shoes of a commonwealth country’s political leader. It allows students to steer their way through political crises, issue press statements and grapple with some of the key concerns facing today’s Commonwealth countries.

The theme for 2010 is The Commonwealth: Science, Technology and Society.

Delegations consist of two students in the roles of Head of Government and Foreign Affairs Minister. Each delegation is required to represent an assigned Commonwealth country. Students need to become very conversant with the governance, political and social climate of their assigned country.

Due to the size of the Legislative Council Chamber, the Student CHOGM is limited to 24 delegations. The Student CHOGM includes a State dinner in the Banquet Hall, on the first evening.

Schools that have attended in recent years will be posted information and an enrolment form. Other interested schools/colleges should please email: