CIE Home Educators Survey

CIE Home Educators Survey

Please read and forward to anyone you know currently studying towards Cambridge Exams or planning to do so in the next three years.

This is the first step…

Following up previous information, Cambridge International Examinations Australasia have asked us (Erena Fussell and Judith Tizzard) to assist with this process by designing a survey for Home Educators.

CIE Home Educators survey

Participation in this survey does not constitute a commitment on your part. The information is indicative only and will be used to assist CIE in planning for the future. CIE is committed to ensuring that Private Candidates have the opportunity to sit Cambridge Exams throughout New Zealand both now and in the future.

The survey will be open until midnight Thursday 24th of February after which time it will be removed. If you do not fill in the survey, your information will be not be able to be included in the statistics for your region which means future students in your area may not have the opportunity to take Cambridge Exams.

Please take 5 mins to complete this survery and pass it onto anyone you know so that we may present the fullest picture possible. Rest assured that anonymity is guaranteed.

Many thanks,

Erena & Judith

2 thoughts on “CIE Home Educators Survey

  1. Hi Looked at the survey and cannot submit as none of my children would be ready to sit them this year or next. Miss 11 might/could be able to do Maths this year but I would like her to establish a better understanding of it all first. any suggestions? I would consider that if you are showing the next three years it would be great to be able to consider families like ours who would like to be able to offer this to our children in the next couple of years. I do not want to skew the results by saying anything just to get the form to submit.

  2. Hi Angela
    We can note your comments down as I’m sure there will be plenty of people like you.

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