Live lessons to go with Apologia Chemistry and Biology

I am a USA high qualified science teacher  (former research scientist & home school mom) who offers science courses through CurrClick.  I heard of the need to offer later in the evening courses here in the USA- so that New Zealand’s home schoolers could participate at a more convient time.
I would appreciate if you would put the word out about my courses.
I created these two high school classes for this reason.  I am open to create other science classes if the need is there.
Apologia Chemistry– this is a block style- meaning I will cover both 1st & 2nd semester chemistry in one semester.  We will meet virtually twice a week for 90 minutes.
The cost is very reasonable, $180 for   36 live classes.  This works out to $5.00/live class.   Plus I am offering payment plans to help out families.
Day/Time:  Tuesdays & Thursday @ 6 pm USA / Central Time (UTC-6)  90+ minutes each live class.
(Which I believe is Wed & Fridays around 11 am during the winter and 1pm during the summer for NZ.)
Start date:  Jan. 10th
Here is the link:

Biology- again this is a block schedule with combining both the 1st and 2nd semster courses into one semester.  We will meet virtually twice a week for 90 minutes.
Day/Time: Monday & Wed @  5:30 pm USA / Central Time   (which I believe is Tues/ Thursday around 10;30 am during winter and 12:30 am during summer for NZ.)
Start Date:  Jan. 9th
Again the cost is very reasonable, $180 for 32 live class.  This works out to $5.60 /live class.  And once again I am offering payment plans to help out families.
(Yes- this does have 4 less classes than chemistry- but if I need to add more in to cover the text book I will be able to do so.) 

If you have any questions or concerns- please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address: or perhaps suggest other science courses too!



Thank you so much for your valuable time,
Kim Lindvig
NOTE: The dates may change for this to fit in with the New Zealand school terms.


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