Our goals for 2012

Here we are at the beginning of 2012. This is a good time to think about what we will be doing this year.

At the top of the list we must think about our relationships with our children. In the busyness of the culture we live in this is often overlooked.  When our children are small we naturally have their hearts but as they grow older things and/or people steal their hearts from us. We must be vigilant in the work of keeping their hearts. Once we have lost their hearts it is even harder to regain them.

So as you and I make our plans for 2012 we need to think about our relationship with each of our children (no matter how old they are). Do we have their hearts? What can we be doing to keep their hearts? What can we be doing to regain their hearts?

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Interpersonal Relationships

What is a key ingredient to a productive homeschooling day? This week on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris shares an important lesson that his family learned after graduating nine of their ten children from homeschool.
Mike Farris:
This school year is our family’s 30th year of active homeschooling. To achieve 30 years, you must have either a very large family or very slow learners. We have the former.
This week I’m going to be sharing a list of lessons our family has learned in the past three decades. Since they are not in any particular order, I’ll start with an intensely practical lesson:
This is a must read:

I trust this will be helpful as you seek to keep or regain the hearts of your child/children. We have been home educating our children for over 30 years and I still need to be reminded of these things and I am still working hard on them.


From the Smiths:


Updated 10 December 2011: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


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