Toby Manhire on Benefit-slaying Nats starting to look plain nasty

Update 5/10/12: Make a submission: Reject compulsory Early Education for 3 year olds


Interesting comments by Toby Manhire in the NZ Herald September 14, 2012

Consider this view: “As we are pushed to increase women’s participation in the workforce, we need to ask who will be raising our next generation … I advocate for choice – for women to work part-time or full-time in paid work, or not at all, or to stay home and raise their children … A good government does not come into people’s homes and tell them how to raise their children.”

A powerful argument, and – you know where I’m going with this – an argument made by Paula Bennett, in her maiden speech to Parliament in 2005.

Toby goes on later to say:

If the measures put in place to enforce parents’ “social obligations” end up punishing children, the most vulnerable, powerless and voiceless of all, it will increasingly look as though the state is betraying its own social obligations – including, by the way, its obligations under the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.



From the Smiths:

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