Craig Smith’s health (copy)

Craig Smith’s health

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Filming YouTube clips 10:00-12:30pm please keep from ringing during this time. Thanks

No visitors Thursday 8th – Tuesday 13th September
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written up until 2 September

Barbara wants to do something special for Craig. He has been involved in the Home Schooling movement since 1985. He has written a History of Home schooling in New Zealand from his point of view. Now she thinks it would be great for him to hear the history of Home schooling in New Zealand from your point of view.

What is the history of home education in your area from your perspective? Who has inspired or encouraged you? What has motivated you? What has brought you together with other home educators and strengthened you? We would very much appreciate hearing your stories. Please write in or email. Even if you are overseas, perhaps you have a testimony about how Craig, Keystone, HEF or the home education movement in New Zealand has encouraged you. Do let us know. Thanks


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3/9/11 evening

Can’t make it to Josh and Charmagne’s wedding?
Watch it live online!
Our dear friend, Bart van der Wee, has organised internet streaming of the wedding. On 10 September 2011 at 10am log in here to watch the wedding live online:

Lord willing the reception will be streamed live at the same link too. Check it at 1pm or more likely 2pm on the same day.
3/9/11 early evening

(Genevieve here again) The brain tumour has given us all some great family moments.

Take last night, for example. Kaitlyn is interested in starting a home business: Bubbles Foot and Face Spa. I’ve been helping her with her business model and coaching her on how to conduct feet and face massages. It turns out that Kaitlyn (and Grace) are so excited by all this that they sat me down last night and put all these skills into practice! And today the excitement has continued to such an extent that they’ve been begging me all day for permission to give me face and feet massages tonight!

Another thing they have been begging for is midnight snacks. The night before Grace’s birthday we planned our first feast. We turned out all the lights, lit a bunch of candles, laid out our spread in front of the crackling fire and woke Grace (this was some time before midnight but sometime after she had fallen asleep). It was all to naught. She just couldn’t wake up. So we partied in her absence. Just as an aside, let me recommend midnight snacks. There is something about night time and darkness which allows inhibitions to come down and opens a person to want to meet at an emotional level and bond. This is one reason why the Smith family has decided not to do sleepovers/slumber parties. We learned the hard way that this is not an appropriate thing for children and their peers. However, this does provide a perfect opportunity for parents and their children to bond, for parents to win their children’s hearts, for parents to learn what troubles their children, what is on their hearts and minds, etc. They will be eager and willing to talk and you can bring this all about through something as simple as a midnight snack!

Last night we had another midnight snack. This time it was Kaitlyn who couldn’t wake up, but we did manage to convince Gracie to wake up just long enough to join us (Charmagne, Marie, Jedediah and myself). We munched pesto covered crackers, dried apricots and organic juice…along with the delicious carrot cake and brownies Marie had made and the Cadbury Favourites mentioned in yesterday’s post).

Today we had a very special visitor: Johnny Smith from Christchurch came up to visit Dad. He is the man who discipled my Dad in the Navigators. He taught him about reading the Bible, studying the Scriptures, memorizing God’s Word, praying, fasting – you name it. Back in the 70?s he was praying that the Lord would lead him to someone he could disciple and the Lord led him to Dad! Well, am I ever thankful! His investment in Dad has also been an investment in myself and my siblings and Lord willing it will prove to be an investment in our children too as we embrace the spiritual disciplines that Mr Smith taught my dad. We regard Mr Smith and his work in Dad very highly and very affectionately around here. Thank you, Sir, very, very much!

After lunch we had two other visitors, special for a completely different reason! Maryanne Martin and her hairdressing friend, Liana, came around to do a practice run through on wedding hair for Charmagne and I. Talk about exciting. Liana did a fantastic job. And while they were here I got to indulge in a passion of mine by asking them to tell me their birthing stories. Since marrying and childbearing I see the women around me in a completely different light: they are heroines who sacrifice health and body to bring new life into the world. It is simply spectacular. And I am very grateful to all the younger girls, husbands, children and grandmas who support women through their child bearing years. Younger girls, especially, I see as having a wonderful role to play in the body of Christ by helping mothers in practical ways when a new baby is expected or has arrived. While Maryanne cared for Liana’s youngest, Scarlett, Kaitlyn saw an opportunity for Bubbles Foot and Face Spa! She offered Maryanne a complimentary facial. Gracie later offered a complimentary foot massage but they ran out of time. Liana even got a facial too!

And how is Dad?

Pretty happy. He had a visit from Dr Minnee today – our good, Godly and gracious GP. After giving him a physical, he said that Dad stabalizing the way he has made him think he would make it to the wedding just fine. Then he prayed for Dad and asked the Lord to heal him. He acknowledged that earthly physicians can only do so much but that the Heavenly Physician was perfectly capable of causing the tumour to shrink and disappear. We so appreciate having a GP who is not only a Christian, but also a dear friend. We’re only sorry we are such rascally patients!

He encouraged us in our witness and reminded us of the witness that we have to the nurses and doctors and members of the medical profession that we might come into contact with. He told us of a glioblastoma multiforme patient he had last year. The patient was a member of an Eastern religion and during difficult times in his care it was Dr Minnee that he wanted with him. This trust enable Dr Minnee to give him a Bible and share the gospel with him. Praise the Lord for Christian doctors!

Prayer requests:
Praise and thanks to the Lord for providing such a Godly husband for our Charmagne.
Thanks for the glow and the great happiness in which Charmagne walks every day.
Thanks that Mum is feeling a whole lot better today.
Thanks for that Marie Sandbrook and all the help she is.
Thanks for all the people who have supported us in practical and financial ways: may the Lord bless them as they have been a blessing to us!
That Dad will continue to recover, that the tumour will shrink.
That Dad will be well enough for the wedding to travel there and back, to walk up the aisle (even just a few steps DV), to deliver his blessing and wedding speech.
That the wedding will go off smoothly.
That we will get plenty of beautiful family photos (who knows when we’ll all be together again. It is close to Mum’s heart to get some nice family photos of this time together).
That Mum will do well as we all disappear after the wedding (Charmagne on Saturday and the Zach Smith family and the Peter de Deugd family on the Tuesday after the wedding).
Thanks for all the people who contributed towards the wedding surprise and thanks that He enabled our friend to make the arrangements to make it happen.
Prayer for the event this week that is on Dad’s heart and mind. Prayer that a Biblical resolution will be obtained.

Chips and coke – just kidding!
2/9/11 evening

(Genevieve here again) “Oh no!”

Dad had fallen from a chair and was caught in an ackward position. His arm was pinned under his body. However, he wasn’t hurt. Thank the Lord. Mum was most concerned. Was his arm ok? How are we going to get him out? How are we going to get him up? Who can help?

Jeremiah did a wonderful job pulling Dad to a place where he could be lifted with the new hoist. Thanks, Jerry.

In the meantime, I’d been asked to ring the district nurses and ask their advice.

“If you can’t get him out, call the ambulance. If it is beyond you all, they’ll call the fire brigade to aid you as well!”

It turned out the job was well within the ability of Jerry, Mum and Jed to handle, but it was a little scary.

It isn’t nice to think of returning to Australia and having Dad and Mum caught in difficult situations such as this in the future.

It is MOST comforting to know that the family is surrounded by another family, the Church family, who love Dad and Mum and would bend over backwards to help them – and they already are!

Which brings me to my next story: the one about all the people who are helping and encouraging Dad and Mum.

There is the Catholic Church in Wanganui who have sent organic vegetables and oils for Dad.

There is Joe Rumble, a Catholic friend of Dad’s who used to occasionally accompany Dad on the truck run to discuss religion and heresies, who has sent us boxes of organic carrots for juicing and other organic vegetables, plus other items like organic maple syrup for the rest of the family. Tonight he stopped in with a box of Cadbury Favourites for the rest of us, “Not organic – sorry!” No problem, Joe!

There is Theo de Klerk and Joel Rademaker who came every morning to help get Dad out of bed and into his wheel chair for the day. Their services were so needful and now we are so happy that the hoist enables Mum and Jed to do this themselves now.

Jessica Rademaker still comes every morning and does the juicing. This is such a blessing. Maree Sandbrook is still here and does so much behind the scenes to help the household to continue functioning. She is a trooper and such a solid rock for the family at this time. Too bad my Caleb isn’t ready to marry yet.

There are the times we go out to the mailbox and find an anonymous envelope there with money in it or the times we go to the organic shop to buy the various vitamins and organic vegetables we need only to be given a wad of vouchers, “Someone left these here for you.”

There are the people overseas who are jumping through all those inconvenient and costly hoops to make an international transfer of funds to help Dad and Mum financially.

There are the cards we receive from children, carefully written out with messages about how they are praying for Dad. One card was from a young girl who God healed of leukemia, “I’m praying He will heal you too!”

There are the people who have gone through something similar to what we are going through at the moment who share their stories and the lessons the Lord taught them. These are special to hear.

There is Lynne, the owner of Bethany’s Restaurant in Palmerston North, who has brought around encouraging books and a voucher for her restaurant, “For when you can eat normal food again, Craig. Come and have a meal on us.” Dad sure is looking forward to picking whatever he wants from their menu!

There are the people who are coming from far and wide and making an effort to visit Dad: Raewyn Shand came today with a freezer worth of homekill beef and cod! Thank you Shands! Anna Leech and her husband popped in during the week and brought with them a number of helpful implements for Dad in his condition. Renton Maclaughlin spent a day last week with Dad. He and Dad have collaborated on many adventures in the past. He is the man behind Genesis FM which broadcasts on 87.6 from our attic! This is an excellent endeavour. Renton puts together 13 hours of radio on a loop which plays out over the radio 24/7 on a one mile radius from our house. David and Jenny Waldron visited on Sunday and prayed with Dad. Mr Waldron kindly refused the delicious banana cake we offered him and ate only what Dad was given to eat while he was here. The van der Wees keep us supplies with deep well water.

And there is the Compton family who live in Victoria, Australia – not far from we de Deugds! Not only have they helped Dad and Mum, but when Pete returned home (with Natalie and Caleb to a huge backlog at work with a painful left arm) they brought around 10 trays of food (lasagne and all sorts) so that Pete would at least not have to worry about how to feed himself and the two little ones. And they offered to send their son Robert to help Pete out with his backlog – very, very generous and such an encouragement to us all. The body of Christ is at work all over the world!

There are so many other people to mention and circumstances to tell you about! Many apologies to those I have missed mentioning. You are all so appreciated.

And how is Dad?

Remember how we mentioned that he only writes his diary on the far left hand side of each page now because of his vision and perception difficulties? Well…not only is he able to write again, but he takes up more of the page again – he isn’t covering the whole page yet. However, this is one of the signs we’ve been hoping to observe. This sort of thing might be a signal that the tumour is shrinking for which we are hoping and praying.

The Lord is in control. There is MUCH to be thankful for.

Dad is concerned about something happening from tonight through to next Friday night and will be praying about it a great deal. He would love you to pray with him for a Biblical outcome.
Travelling mercies for John Briggs who travels up here on Tuesday to give his assistance with Dad and with the truck run for a wee while.
Travelling mercies for Pete with Natalie and Caleb who are coming to the wedding on Wednesday.
Travelling mercies for Zach and Megan with Cheyenh, Dusti and Jackson who leave the USA on our Wednesday and arrive on Thursday.
Travelling mercies for Mr Downes, Josh and Sam as they travel to the wedding on Thursday.
Travelling mercies to all those coming to the wedding.
For Mum that her body will be strengthened and that she will have the stamina to see her through the coming days, months and years.
For we Smith children that we will see what we can do to help Dad and Mum and that we will willingly and joyfully assist. That we will put ourselves aside in preference for their needs at this time.
For glorious weather for the wedding.

And again, for Mum.

One toddler car seat (for Thursday through Tuesday).

2/9/11 – 2:30pm

Craig’s stats for 1/9/00 8:00am (didn’t get this report finished yesterday)

NO headache – on a scale of 1-10 it is 0
128/89 pulse 58 5:39am
139/84 pulse 54 6:10am
165/90 pulse 56 6:14amThese were taken before I gave Craig his early morning Verapamil.
Taken after Verapamil 135/88 pulse 53 6:42am
Lower back pain is a 0 on a scale of 1-10
Stomach pain 0
PH at 6:30am 6.5 to 7
Craig has had NO morphine or any other pain killers since the morphine pump was taken off him on the 29th Aug at 2pm.

Craig is still in bed so cannot comment on other symptoms yet.

Back on 6 August – just after we announced to you all that Craig has stage 4 Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and that his tumour grew 30% in 8 days when they expect no growth over a week period. I said that we are not without hope. We have a lot of hope in 3 areas:

1. Craig may not have much time left with us.

Craig nearly died on Saturday. He has improved greatly since then and is in no pain as you can see in the statistics above. All our New Zealand drs: our family GP; the Hospice Oncologist, drs, and nurses; and Palliative care drs and nurses thought that Craig’s headache was from the Tumour and swelling in the brain having no room left to grow. They thought that the swelling was causing the headache which was causing the high blood pressure and in turn causing the other symptoms. Our Dr in the USA thought the opposite that Craig’s symptoms were causing the high blood pressure which was causing the headache. Our Dr in the USA is still seeking a cause for the symptoms. Craig is currently still on high steroids which our family GP thinks may be giving him some relief at the moment if the Tumour is causing the headache. Our family GP believes we have been given this small window with Craig being OK for a few days – perhaps enough so Craig can be at Charmagne’s wedding.

If Craig does die in the next few days or weeks then we have a hope that Craig is in the best place and he is gaining. Philippians 1:20-21(ESV) …as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. 21For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Craig has confessed his Lord Jesus Christ with his lips and believes in his heart that God raised him from the dead, so he knows he will be saved. Romans 10:9 (ESV) …because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Here is the promise again which Craig is claiming as he has the Son of Life: 1 John 5:11-13 (ESV) And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.

Craig knows that he has eternal life and is looking forward to it.

2. God may choose to heal Craig.

We are praying for this.

3. We are looking for a cure with LifeOne.

When we have something wrong with us we go to professionals: We go to the dentist when we have problems with our teeth; we go to a chiropractor when we have something wrong with our backs; we go to our family doctor when we have have something wrong with our bodies – inside or out; there are all sorts of professionals we go to on nearly a daily basis for help in some way or another. So why is it so difficult to be going to professionals for a cure for an “incurable” cancer when one doesn’t want to go the traditional way of operation, chemothearopy and radiation. For us an operation was taken from us. This tumour is inoperable – it is close to the brain stem and deep in Craig’s brain. We did not really want an operation, chemo or radiation. But there was incredible pressure put on us to do these. No one was trying to force us but it was the way the dr at the hospital, our family GP, our very close friends all sometimes pleading with us with tears in their eyes to go these routes. We understand completely everyone was wanting the very best for Craig and for him to be comfortable and have the most time on earth that was available for him. We were told he only had months to live without chemo and radiation but that chemo and radiation would only add on months. Then several hours later as we were being discharged from hospital we were called in to see Craig’s latest MRI – the tumour had grown 30% in 8 days. Again we were almost begged to have a biopsy so that radiation could begin in 6 weeks. We stood our ground though.

As we saw it. Now that the tumour had grown at such a fast rate it would now no longer be months and months it could be weeks and weeks. But because we were not getting chemo or radiation it was either months and then possibly only weeks. High dose radiation takes 6 weeks to begin from the time of the biospy especially when changing from one hospital board to another. Craig may only have 6 weeks left, then once the radiation begins it is a 6 week course and it doesn’t take effect straight away. The decisions that we made all seemed hard at the time especially with the sutle pressure on us but now as we look back we have no doubts about the decisions we made even if God chooses to take Craig to Himself soon.

So if having an operation, chemo and radiation were not happening what could we do?
Trust God for healing. Yes, and we still are.
But God also arranged many things for us over the last few years which have all contributed to us taking the course that we have. First Ty Bollinger came to New Zealand and came to Pete and Genevieve’s wedding. There is even a photo taken of Ty’s family at their wedding in the back of the book “Cancer Outside the Box” . Zach is also in the background of the photo. Ty gave us a copy of “Cancer Outside the Box” which we read. From that we knew that there are several cures for cancer. So as soon as we heard that Craig had a tumour we contacted Ty. Ty suggested we get onto LifeOne straight away. But it was in the States and we are in New Zealand. Ty offered to mail us urgently 6 bottles that day. He also said that we would need to start on Boswellia and Artemisinin which we found we could get in New Zealand. We would also need to get a prescription for Hydrocortisone which our GP prescribed for us. The Hydrocortisone was to help reduce swelling. We began the last three the Friday night (5 August) we arrived home from Wellington hospital. Then we received two lots of the LifeOne Protocol on the Monday (the mailed 6 and the 6 Zach urgently brought out from the States) which Craig started taking on that Monday. We praise God for Ty and the way He brought Ty and his family and our family together. We love the Bollingers dearly. Ty also managed to get us in as patients to the best cancer dr in the USA (possibly even the World). This dr is amazing. We can ring him anytime night and day. Our Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons were this Drs nights. One of those nights we rang him 5 times. He had three very broken up nights during our time of crises. We praise God that he arranged for Craig to be this Drs patient and for the way in which he has been caring for us. He has the most amazing bed side manner with Craig – we have really connected with him and we still have not met. He is also caring for Craig as a whole person and looking at everything which could be contributing to Craig’s high blood pressure which could be contributing to the tumour. He is not leaving any stones unturned. We Praise God for this Dr and have come to love him dearly too.

As many of you know I have suffered from ill health for many years beginning with my arthritis. I now have 2 artifical hips – if I knew what I know now I would much rather have used natural remedies to fix my hips rather than the operations. I also have AF and battled with very bad health last year and the beginning of this year. So from the time of my hips being really bad I have been looking at alternative health treatments. My dr wanted me tested for Angina because of my chest pain, which took about 6 months to finally happen because I couldn’t go through some tests because I have LBBB. I went investigating myself and I found out that I had no cobalt in my body through having a hair analysis done. So I now take sublingual Vit B12 drops regularly. At the beginning of June my new cardiologist changed me from beta blockers to Propafenone an anti-arrhythmic medication. When all my heart tests came back and showed no angina our GP suggested that it might be acid reflux, So instead of having angina every day (heaps of trips to the hospital as it presented like a heart attack) I had acid reflux. I searched the internet again and took out of my diet the things that made acid reflux worse and added things to aid acid reflux better. Then I also discovered that beta blockers can cause acid reflux. Since I was now off beta blockers I began adding into my diet the things I had taken out. At the end of June I added the last thing back into my diet – tomatoes. No pain anymore. It was the beta blockers.

So my health finally came right at the end of June and Craig’s tumour began to manifest itself July 8. It was only natural for me to begin looking at diet for Craig (who had resisted being on the diet I was on). From there Genevieve, Charmagne and I have been looking at all the things that will be good for Craig and that will work in well with the LifeOne Protocol. So we have emails and phone calls going back and forth to our USA dr all the time. We are trying to look up all the suggestions that you have made. We are very thankful and praise God for all the suggestions that you have been making. Even the cautions and tough comments you make are welcome.

The medical profession offered us months but possibly only weeks after the 30% growth between the two MRIs.
Our Dr in the USA and LifeOne talk of a cure.

Above all we want God’s Will to be done:
1. God may take Craig from us soon.
2. God may heal Craig
3. God may use his Creation (the natural products in LifeOne and the other natural products we are using) to cure Craig in which case we will have a long recouperation period ahead of us – at least 12 months.

We praise God that all our prayers have been answered so far. James 4:2 You do not have, because you do not ask. Thanks for asking on our behalf.

Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow
1/9/11 – 10:45pm

YouTube videos Craig recorded 30 August 2011

Please click on links below to view video.

Do I need to protect my children from other children?

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What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 3

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What does it mean to be a Christian Pt 1

What does it mean to be a Christian Pt 2
1/9/11 – 10:30pm

(Genevieve here again) I spoke to an old friend of the family today. He and his family are going through a VERY difficult patch just now. As I spoke to him I realised how much Dad’s tumour has to say about other areas of life.

If God can give us peace when facing death He can give us peace if we are:

– facing disability
– facing a relationship breakdown
– facing unemployment
– facing losing our home

If God can heal a brain tumour (and we know He can regardless of whether He chooses to heal Dad’s) then He can heal:

– a disability
– a relationship breakdown
– job loss
– homelessness

My point is that Isaiah 26v3 is true when it says, “He will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is fixed on Him, because he trusts in Him.” No matter what you are going through, you can have peace if you trust God and fix your mind on Him.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil 4v6-7

In talking to our family friend, another thing was made clear to me: Dad might lose his life. You might be losing a child, your wife, your husband, your home, your job, your health…but through it all my number one concern would be, “Do you have Christ?”

Most things in this world can be lost, but the Bible assures us that nothing will separate us from the love of Christ. We can’t lose Him!

What joy! What security! What hope that must give us even through the most bitter times of loss in this world.

If we don’t have Christ but find Him through the loss of something else then praise the Lord because we have gained something of infinite value.

Paul knew this. He suffered loss (some say of his eyesight) and yet was able to say, “Indeed I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For His sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as refuse, in order that I may gain Christ.” Phil 3v8
1/9/11 – 10:10pm

(Genevieve here again) Dad walked all the way to the conservatory from his bedroom this morning!

He was aided pretty significantly by two men!

But the very fact that he can sit up, is experiencing no pain and is keen as mustard to get about like this is very, very encouraging.

Very encouraging also is a conversation Mum had with our hospice supervising nurse. Mum said to her that we didn’t need twice daily visits from the district nurses anymore. That we could call them when or if we did need them. “Ok,” she said. And then she got it! “Oh, you don’t want palliative care anymore, you want rehabilitation!”


So she has organized a physio to visit regularly and an occupational therapist. They both visited today. The physio put Dad through an exercise regime and told him not to attempt to walk anymore just yet as he really can’t hold up his own weight. And she has done something quite significant. She says that we can’t do anything about the numbness in Dad’s left side. The tumour is still pressing down on vital parts of his brain. But she said that she could teach us exercises to teach other parts of Dad’s brain to control Dad’s left side. When the tumour starts shrinking and stops pressing on his brain (DV) then that part of his brain will take over again operating his left side, but in the meantime, we can teach other parts to take over and to control his ability to move his arm and leg. Wow!

And the occupational therapist brought a hoist which we can use to get Dad into and out of bed, etc. Very handy. Jedediah very much enjoyed her demonstrating how to use it by hoisting him about in it!

If I compare Dad today to yesterday or the day before then I’d say that in some areas I see improvement and in others I see regression. However, some of the ‘regression’ might have a lot to do with him being tired after his time with the physio.

We tried to do some filming today. Dad was going to comment on various excellent biographies, histories and theological books which he wanted to recommend either to parents or their children in a home education context. He showed evidence of a number of worsening symptoms when he would hold books upside down for the camera or stop midstream describing a book to flip through the pages and become engrossed in it in the middle of filming. We had a number of interruptions so hope to do more of this tomorrow. Dad and I really enjoy doing this together. It is great fun. While it does highlight some issues it also shows very clearly how well Dad is able to communicate and think. The old Dad comes through loud and clear!
1/9/11 – 7:40am

Diana Waring has just put up a new blog

Please read the blog to get the context of this statement which we are finding to be so very true, even with what we are going through at the moment:

‘He is faithful. He is merciful. He is kind. He is good. He loves us completely and without measure. He is wise. And He is working something good for us in the midst of it all.”
1/9/11 – 6:35am

Corrected links for the YouTube videos of 21 August 2011:

Please click on links below to view video.

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