Here is a great opportunity to influence politics at the highest level in Germany.

The Federal President has a website where issues that get raised, ranked highly and receive other supportive submissions are guaranteed her attention and consideration.

Visit and show your support for the homeschooling issue in Germany. (It has in the last few minutes gone from 10th place to 9th.)

At the bottom of the first message on the first page is a voting bar that goes from red to green. Please click on the + at the green end to give this issue the ‘go ahead’ that it needs for action at the highest level. You can only vote once.

Adding your own supportive comment or video will improve the ranking as well.

Go to this area:
“Schreiben auch Sie einen Beitrag”.
You will have to register, so here are the translations for the fields you
must fill in.

Email: self explanatory!
Anrede: Mr / Mrs
Vorname: First name
Nachname: Surname
Thema: Theme – Bildung: Education
titel: Title
Anliegen: Submission
Video: Video!
Zusaetzliche Medien: Other Media ie You-tube/ Google

This request has been brought to you by Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit
( and Educating Germany