Governor Schwarzenegger to the rescue!

Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 22:15:41 -0500
From: “Chris Klicka” <>
Subject: Governor Schwarzenegger to the rescue!

Dear Homeschool leaders,

This a pretty good article in Time Magazine. Looks like even Arnold, the Gubenator agrees with us! And the social worker did not even want the court to outlaw homeschooling.


This news raised a furor among home schooling advocates, including
government officials. “Every California child deserves a quality
education and parents should have the right to decide what’s best
for their children,” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a
statement today. “Parents should not be penalized for acting in
the best interests of their children’s education. This outrageous
ruling must be overturned by the courts and if the courts don’t
protect parents’ rights then, as elected officials, we will.’

. . .

We weren’t trying to change the law on home schooling,” says
Leslie Heimov of the Children’s Law Center, which represents the
Long children involved in the case. “The law is accurate — it hasn’t
changed since the 1950s.” She says the Center does not even have an
opinion on home schooling. They just wanted to do what was best
for the children represented in the case.

The fact that this sweeping ruling has sprung from such an
individualized case is what has most outraged home schooling
advocates. “Public schools are not a solution to the problem of
child abuse,” says Leslie Buchanan, president of the HomeSchool
Association of California. Jack O’Connell, California State
Superintendent of Public Instruction — the equivalent of a
department of education — now faces the potential crisis of
dealing with tens of thousands of truants. Does he know what
will happen next? “I honestly don’t know,” O’Connell says,
adding that his department is reviewing the case. “There is
some angst in the field.”

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