June 25, 2010 is Friends of Domenic Johansson Day!

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and join the movement to help get Sweden to give

Domenic Johansson back to his parents.



June 25, 2010 is Friends of Domenic Johansson Day! June 25th marks the one year anniversary of Domenic’s removal from his family. Therefore, on that day, all Friends of Domenic are urged to visit the nearest Swedish Embassy nearest you (and all Friends located in Sweden to gather in Visby, Sweden on the island of Gotland) for a peaceful demonstration in support of Domenic’s immediate release. Be sure to take signs with you so people will know why you are there. You can find the Swedish Embassy nearest you here.

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Ruby Harrold-Claesson is now the Johansson’s new power house attorney.


There is much you can do to aid in the fight to release Domenic back into his parents’ custody. Below, you will find a host of things to do to help. First and foremost, all that you do on Domenic’s behalf must be done in the utmost of respect, while standing firm in your conviction as you convey the message that Domenic’s seizure cannot stand and the situation must be immediately rectified. This is how Domenic is best served by you.

Become a member of Friends of Domenic Johansson by subscribing to the site above using the tools at the right of your screen.

Share Domenic’s story with all of your friends and relatives and be sure to direct them to Friends of Domenic Johansson website. Simply paste this link in all your communications: http://friendsofdomenic.blogspot.com/

Sign the Petition

Contact Swedish Social Services officials.

Contact your nearest Swedish Embassy to express your concerns.

Use Google Translate to read article on the web written in Swedish.

To meet other concerned Friends of Domenic, join the Return Dominic to His Parents Facebook page by following this link:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=346022854609&ref=ts