Making an Application for Exemption from Enrolment and Attendance at a School

This is a cut-down and clarified version of an exemption application, showing exactly what statements / questions on the application the MoE expects parents to respond to.

1. Special Education Needs
If enrolled in a registered school, would your child be likely to need special education, forexample in a special class or clinic or by a special service? If yes, how do you plan to meet your child’s special educational needs?

2. Knowledge and understanding
Describe your knowledge and understanding of the broad curriculum areas you intend to cover as you educate your child.

3. Curriculum
Describe your curriculum or programme. Detail what you intend to cover with your child in different areas of your stated curriculum. The National Curriculum Framework may serve as a guide but use of this is not compulsory. It lists seven essential learning areas and eight grouipings of essential skills. These are listed below for your information should you wish to use the National Curriculum Framework as a guide.

4. The National Curriculum
Essential Learning Areas
Language and Languages
Social Sciences
The Arts
Health and Well-Being

Essential Skills
Communication Skills
Numeracy Skills
Information Skills
Problem-solving Skills
Self-management and competitive Skills
Social and co-operative Skills
Physical Skills
Work and study Skills
Whatever source of curriculum you select, you should be specific about the skills you want your child to learn and you should be clear about matching the learning needs of your child to your programme.

The Min of Ed does not expect you to respond to this #4, National Curriculum. It is included for your reference only. You are not required to follow the National Curriculum nor include any particular subjects into your own curriculum.

5. Topic Plan
To help the Ministry understand how your curriculum vision translates into practical terms, we ask you to includ one topic of your choosing.

We are looking for the following elements in your statement:
The Topic Title
The Aim – what you are going to teach your child.
Resources – what materials you would use to teach the topic.
Method – what steps would you take to communicate/teach the material? Please be as
clear as possible.
Evaluation – how you will test/measure the effectiveness of your teaching.

6. Resources and Reference Material
(There is no need to list the titles of books.) Please provide a comprehensive list of all resources and reference material available to you. Also list the type of material you may intend to include in the future. Do not list the titles of every publication.

7. Environment
State how you will use the environment and your community to extend and enrich your child’s education. Please include in this a description of any educational visits you hope to make.

8. Social Contact
Describe how you intend to provide for your child’s need for social contact with other children.

9. Assessment and Evaluation
Explain how you are going to assess and evaluate the progress your child is making. Remember, you will need to have some record of this over the years, eg, if your child wants to enter an apprenticeship, this will be needed.

10. Regularity
The legislation requires a commitment to regularity. In explaining your routines, show how you will meet the requirement that your child will be taught at least as regularly as in a registered school. Some parents provide a timetable to meet this request, some describe their integrated approach. You may like to include one of the following:
• Timetable or
• Integrated curriculum description or
• Description of typical routines used.

11. Other Information
Please make any other comments you consider relevant.

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2 thoughts on “Making an Application for Exemption from Enrolment and Attendance at a School

  1. We have had to remove our Aspergers’ child aged 9 from 3 schools!!
    The last -Sunnybrae- North Shore, and this for absolutely outrageous
    and non acceptable behavior of a teacher and the deceptions the Principal.
    We applied for excemption it was immediately declined with no reasons given, merely it was beneath the minimal standards. We have had to engage a Barrister to deal with the harrassment and never-ending letters shuffled by this Ministry of Education! All with the threat of ‘failing to enrol our child in school. Yes, our legal representative requested for a further application
    which we are in the process of completing, information we received per the telephone from anonymous, was the MOE has no intention of issuing you
    excemption. Please see Chan-Paul, click in Google we intend to go to
    International level re the treatment this child has received. Your tips say it is
    best not to mention Special needs? It is absolutely imperative one does mention that,as your whole curriculm and teaching revolves round the area of our childs interpretation of things! What can you tell us.


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