Auckland: Science by Design Conference Friday 10th & Saturday 11th June, 2010

with Dr Jay Wile

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Dr Jay Wile

is an International conference speaker and the author of the popular “Exploring Creation with…” textbooks. This will be Dr Wile’s second visit to NZ



Friday 10th & Saturday 11th June, 2010

Manukau City Baptist Church, 9 Lambie Drive, Manukau City


Phone: (09) 269 3590

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A children’s programme is available for Ages 5-12 year olds


  • All Keynote session are from a Christian perspective but anyone is welcome to attend.
  • Barista coffee will be available for purchase from ‘The Coffee Guy’ on the day. Tea and “standard” coffee will be provided.
  • There are a multitude of eateries and a supermarket within a short distance of the venue.
  • Breastfed babies are welcome but please make alternative arrangements for your other children or book them into our children’s programme. There is a mothering room available which has an audio link.
  • The Friday night Variety Concert is FREE for all conference attendees!
  • Plenty of car parking available onsite


Friday 10 June
5pm Venue opens for registrations and resource viewing 

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6pm Variety concert – something for everyone!  

The Variety Concert is FREE for all conference attendees.

Casual visitors are also welcome to attend the concert – gold coin donation

7pm Keynote Address #1 – Dr Jay Wile:  

Creation versus Evolution: Religion versus Science or Religion versus Religion”

In this seminar, Dr. Wile explores the complicated Creation Versus Evolution debate. He discusses Christian attempts to make the Genesis account compatible with the theory of evolution and shows how these attempts fail. He then proceeds to show that this is not at all a problem for someone who is both a Christian and a scientist. He discusses evolutionists attempts to explain away this data and how such attempts fail. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this seminar comes when Dr. Wile details some of the fantastic life forms on this planet whose existence can never be explained using the theory of evolution.

8pm Light Supper and resource viewing
8.30pm Keynote Address #2 – Dr Jay Wile:  

“The Bible: A Great Source of Modern Science”

In this lecture, Dr. Wile examines many of the rules and regulations found in the Old Testament and demonstrates how these rules are in perfect agreement with our most modern scientific knowledge. Dr. Wile shows how the rules regarding circumcision are based on medical knowledge that has only been uncovered within the last 30 years. He shows that the Bible knew about germs long before people know of them and that the Bible was the first document to contain modern ideas of sanitation. This lecture makes it clear that the Bible was NOT authored by men!

Saturday 11th June
8.15am Venue Opens for registration and resource viewing
9am Keynote address # 3 – Dr Jay Wile: 

“Recent News in Creation Science

The more we learn about nature, the more we see the scientific futility of evolutionary theory.  In this talk, Dr. Wile discusses some of the latest discoveries in science and how they affect the creation/evolution debate.  From soft tissue discovered in supposedly ancient fossils to the latest research in physiology, the most recent scientific advances support the case for creation and weaken the case for evolution.

10.30am Morning Tea and resource viewing
11am Keynote address # 4 – Dr Jay Wile:  

“Ask the Beasts”

In this seminar, Dr. Wile will talk about Job 12:7-10, which begins by commanding the reader to “Ask the beasts.” In his view, this Scripture is telling us that we must study nature to fully understand God. While God’s divine revelation (the Bible) is clearly more detailed and precise than His natural revelation (creation), both are necessary to have a full and complete understanding of God. He will give a bit of history to show you that this was the motivation for many of the great scientists of the past, and some great scientists of the present. He then draws from fields such as astronomy, microbiology, zoology, and botany to share at least a bit of what science tells us about God.

12.30pm Lunch and resource viewing
Breakout Sessions  

Choose From:

1.30pm A) “Where are they Now?” 

with Dr Jay Wile
Dr. Wile became involved in homeschooling because while he was teaching at the university level, his best students were homeschool graduates. Since then, he has expected homeschoolers to become the true leaders of their generation. To investigate whether or not his expectation is coming true, Dr. Wile tracked down several homeschooled students who are now adults and learned what they are doing. In this talk, Dr. Wile tells you what he learned. You will be amazed at what these young adults are doing and how they have already impacted the world. If you are wondering whether or not homeschool graduates can make a difference in the real world, you should definitely listen to this talk!

B) “Getting off to a Good Start ”  

with Dorinda Duthie

This popular seminar will include applying for an exemption and is perfect for those just starting out with homeschooling or those with young children. Dorinda’s seminar will be a down to earth and practical approach which will leave you with specific tips you can immediately implement in your homeschooling journey.

Dorinda is a former teacher, veteran home educator and literacy tutor well respected around the Auckland region and beyond..

C) “Goodbye Chaos, Hello Peace” with Cynthia Hancox
Are you struggling to keep on top of all the demands in your life? Is your house in a state of chaos? Are you overwhelmed or stressed-out? Feeling alone and in need of some encouragement and help? Cynthia is a homeschooling mum who has battled and overcome debt and depression. In this seminar, Cynthia will share her amazing testimony as well as give practical tips for getting on top of things again. 

Cynthia is a homeschooling mum who has touched the lives of many in NZ and overseas through her writings and resources.

D) Hands on Learning with Rachel Larkin 

Want to reinforce learning with hands on presentation? Rachel Larkin is an advocate of lapbooking as a way of sparking and maintaining interest in a subject while providing an enjoyable outlet for creativity. It also provides a non threatening method of informal assessment. And before you ask, lapbooking is not only for girls either! Rachel has successfully used this method with her own three lively boys so she will share tips and techniques on how lapbooking has worked for her family and how it could work fo you too. This workshop is equally suitable for homeschoolers or teachers.

E) Tackling the “isms”: Worldview Overview” with Joe Fleener 

This workshop covers a basic overview of the main “isms” with some comparisons and specific examples. Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of worldview, able to recognise particular worldviews and being made aware of some resources available for further investigation.

Suitable for all but particularly pertinent for educators, those planning on embarking or currently pursuing tertiary studies.
Joe is a homeschooling husband to Mandy and Dad to his three children. Joe is the Associate Pastor of Howick Baptist Church

3pm Afternoon Tea 

Last opportunity for resource viewing

3.30pm Keynote address 5: “The Earth: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made” 

How does a poisonous gas make it possible for life to exist on earth? Why should we be reminded of God’s love for us every time we look at a compass? Because from the interior structure of the earth to its atmosphere, our planet has been designed by God so that it is the perfect place for us to live. In this talk, Dr. Wile discussed the various design features scientists find in the earth that make it very clear the earth was not the result of chance. This talk is a great way to finish our Auckland conference by marvelling at the intricacies of creation!

5pm Conference concludes


Children’s Programme

A children’s programme will be provided for 5-12 year olds which consists of two half day sessions. The first session runs from 9am-12.30pm. The second session runs from 1.30pm-5pm and includes games, sports and a family friendly DVD to round out the day. The fee is $8 for BOTH sessions. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided during the programme but parents are responsible for their children over the lunch hour. There are many food outlets, shops and a park nearby.

Click here to register for the Children’s Programme

Limited numbers so be in quick!

Breastfed babies are welcome but please make your own arrangements for any other children not attending the children’s programme.

Teens must be registered and attend the workshops.

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Manukau City Baptist Church,
9 Lambie Drive, Manukau

or ph (09) 269 3590

Directions from the Southern Motorway  

Take the Manukau off-ramp. Turn right into Great South Road. Turn Left into Cavendish Drive and right into Lambie Drive.

The church is on the left hand side of the road (just past Faith City.) 

There is parking for 170 cars on the church property and plenty of parking on the street.


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