Christchurch earthquake

All schools and early childhood services in Christchurch City must remain closed until further notice and follow Civil Defence advice about the conditions of the state of emergency.

For more information keep an eye on:

As of the earthquake all truancy was frozen. So anyone who keeps their child/ren at home will not find that their children are truant. You are able to keep your children home and be together as a family without being truant from school and without having to get an exemption from enrolling your children at school.

Options for parents are varied if they choose to keep their children at home:

1. The Ministry of Education have put up on their website ideas for home schooling your children during this period.

2. There are lots of free links in the side bar of this website.

3. “LightHome” would like to donate free home school e-books to any New Zealand home schooling families who have lost their home and/or belongings in the earthquake. If you are one of those, please send us a message on Facebook and explain your situation. Or send us an e-mail


Post-Earthquake Schooling Options


For more information about home schooling contact us: Craig or Barbara Smith 06 357-4399 (email us your phone number and we will ring you back)

Later on contact: Canterbury Home Educators