Domenic Johansson To Face Christmas Without Parents

Domenic Johansson remains separated from his parents, even as Swedish Social Services seek to remove all remaining parental rights.

Domenic, now 10 after his recent birthday, has been separated from his parents two and a half years, following his abduction by Social Services while seated in a commercial airliner with his parents awaiting departure on a flight to India.

Domenic is a citizen of India, and his mother’s family all live in India. However, Swedish Social Services in Domenic’s home town of Gottland decided to prevent the family’s departure in order to force the boy to attend their school.

The family had received no preliminary warning, nor they had been forbidden from leaving the country. They had also not been accused of breaking the law. Indeed, the only complaint the Swedish Social Services had against the family at the time was that they wanted to homeschool.

Throughout the ordeal the rights of the parents have not been respected and they have not even been allowed to choose their own legal representation.

The HSLDA and ADF have been trying to bring the case before the European Court of Human Rights. However, Social workers have been discussing allowing Domenic’s foster family to take him to visit Thailand while World Net Daily reported on 7 October that Gotland Social Services have been seeking to officially terminate all remaining parental rights.

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