German Home Educating Dad needs work URGENTLY

We have a German Home Schooling father here in New Zealand who desperately needs to get a job.

This is what he sent me:

Our claim for refugee status in New Zealand was declined, which was predictable. Now we have sent an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal which is a new thing in NZ; especially that it is completely independant from Immigration is good to know. Nevertheless, the more our lawyer works his way through cases decided of this tribunal the more negative are his predictions concerning the outcome of such an appeal. They are probably going to reject my appeal too.

But I  still have an open work permit and therefore can work at whatever comes up.

This home schooling Dad is a teacher – he trained in Germany.

He is also a very good gardener and said to me:

But my voluntary work as gardener is a fountain of joy for me every day.
I only have to earn some money to pay all our bills.
Could you please look out for me again if anybody has a job as (dairy) farm helper? I guess that would be the right thing for me to do.

So this home Schooling Dad is looking for work as:


Dairy farm helper

Farm helper



anything you might have that you need help with.

Please send me an email if you can help and I will put you in contact with this home schooling Dad. Thanks