Oamaru Home Educators Workshop: 4 April 2011

Venue: TBA

Contact: Tani 03 434-9253 tani.newton@paradise.net.nz

Cost: $10.00 per family including grandparents or $5.00 per session


1.00pm   Registration and Viewing Resources

1:15pm Welcome

1.30pm   Two electives

1. “Home Education From a Biblical Perspective” Craig

2. “Avoiding Burnout – Keeping Going When the Going Gets Tough” Barbara

3.00pm   Afternoon tea

3:30pm   Two electives

1. “Is it possible to Discipline children in our unDisciplined society?” Craig

2. “Books, Great Books and More Books – Creating your own library; how to use it” Barbara

5.00pm   Question & Answer session

6:00pm shared tea

7.00pm   Two electives

1. “Reforming the Future through Home Education” Craig

2. “Training Our Children/Youth to Be Pure” Barbara