Why is the Swedish State So Cruel and Heartless?

What makes a government and the culture of a nation become cruel and heartless? An answer is to be found in the very nature of the authoritarian socialist systems so much in vogue today.

Why is the Swedish State So Cruel and Heartless?

Those of us who have been closely following the Domenic Johansson state-kidnapping case and the devastating effect the callousnessness of the Swedish State has had on this destroyed family, and have not been brainwashed by all the lies and propaganda emanating from the Swedish Government and its agencies, have been left stupified and with the burning question, Why? Was this a terrible one-off series of accidents and misjudgments or was this a part of a greater, unseen, and unreported systematic holocaust against anything and anyone who does not conform to the Swedish Utopia that has only come to the public forefont because of foreign sympathisers and a small Swedish homeschooling community who saw what it could possibly mean for them if they didn’t do something about it?

What perverse philosophy makes the Swedish State so indifferent to the human suffering and misery that their agencies have caused? What is it that so numbs the sensitivities of these people toward the suffering of families that they themselves have been instrumental in destroying? Do they hate families? Do they hate love? Are they even qualified to be dealing with human beings at all, let alone having such absolute power over them? Are they brainwashed? Are they emotional retards? Do they have any conscience, any sense of guilt for what they have done? What exactly are they and what has happened to their humanity?

Not until I was forced to probe deep into the political philosophy of this country which seems to be embraced by all the mainstream political parties (just as the political parties of the former German Democratic Republic were forced to embrace a communist social framework) did I begin to find the answers. It has taken me some time but what I have dug up greatly alarms me because Sweden is pursuing a social illusion that can only end up hurting more and more ordinary citizens who have been persuaded to so implicitly trust their government to see them right in everything.

In fact it is truly astonishing just how much the Swedish people trust their government and how truly shocked they will be when they find out what is really going on behind the scenes. They have no idea that thay have been gradually hijacked by a wicked, undemocratic political system that was exposed in the 20th century as having been responsible for untold misery and the deaths of more people than in all the other centuries of world history combined. And it’s the same system which lies behind the European Union today to which Sweden belongs and has perhaps even helped shape.

As far as child-abduction and homeschooling are concerned, the main players in this battle are the National Government in Stockholm, local municipal government (the kommuns), Social Services (Socialtjänst) and the Psychiatric profession which is linked, of course, to Big Pharma. Politicians on the national level, who have no direct one-to-one connection with such tragedies as Domenic Johansson I can understand up to a certain degree. It is hard to connect to something that is relatively ‘far away’. However, this is not to excuse national politicians — they have ultimate responsibility for everything that goes on in this country so they must be held accountable for what their agencies do and to take appropriate disciplinary action when their agencies violate fundamental human rights as they absolutely and unquestionably have done in the Domenic Johansson case, the loopholes in Swedish Law notwithstanding.

I am seeking to ask some very subjective questions today about human nature and the state’s attitude to it. I want to know if the government actually cares about individual people and families or whether we are just abstract statistics to them. In public they say they do (as Gustaf Hoffstedt, who presided over the Domenic Johansson case, has done) but in practice we are left to seriously wonder if this isn’t just media hype. It is easy to ‘talk the talk’ but a lot harder to ‘walk the walk’. With the exception of a tiny handful of MPs in the Swedish Parliament, the vast majority have been silent for they probably know that to speak out will not only rock their own boats but risk capsizing them too.

I can, of course, understand how we, as human beings, can become desensitised to things especially if they are bad things that happen often or far away…

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I highly recommend that you read this whole article it is revelant to all of us no matter what  Country you live in.

Written by Christopher C.M. Warren on Friday, 03 August 2012. Posted in Opinion, Christopher C.M. Warren


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