Teaching the Trivium

cassette5.gifcassette4.gifby the Bluedorns



Twin Audio-CassetteTape One: Introduction to the Trivium
We explain what the Trivium and Classical Education is all about. What is a??Classical Style ?? of education, and how can it be Christian?
Our Applied Trivium shapes the ideas of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom into a model of child development and into a method for the study of each subject. With the Trivium, children will learn how to learn.


  • Modern Education is Dysfunctional.
  • Why teach the Trivium? Because it is important for us to
  • teach our children how to learn.
  • Why Study Classical Languages?
  • Why Study Logic?
  • Why Study Rhetoric?

Tape Two: The Practical Trivium
How can Christian homeschool parents actually accomplish a??Classical Style ?? of education? We describe a course of study which is do-able for every subject and for every age, and leaves you room to breathe. A detailed explanation of how we apply the Trivium, year by year, subject by subject, birth through age eighteen: Ten Things to Do?? in the Early Knowledge Level (Before Age Ten); in the Later Knowledge Level (Ages 10?? 12); in the Understanding Level (Ages 13?? 15); in the Wisdom Level (Ages 16?? 18)
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