Government Schools in New Zealand


Government Schools are Revolting!



Government Schools are Revolting!

Libertarianz spokesman Phil Howison is completely unsurprised that 15 Auckland principals are “deeply concerned about the future of New Zealand’s schools” due to the ill-conceived and unworkable ‘Schools Plus’ initiative.

“Which is worse, Education Minister Chris Carter’s oppressive new policy, or the principals’ incessant and insatiable demands for taxpayer funding?” Education Spokesman Phil Howison wonders.

“Detaining students for a further 2 years against their will is a violation of the rights of young New Zealanders, to say nothing of a waste of tax-payer money. It is essentially an admission of defeat for state education – if eleven years in state schools has left over 500,000 New Zealanders functionally illiterate, what difference could adding two years make?” Howison asks.

“Even Chris Carter has admitted that we are spending too much public money on education, and receiving far too little in return. The constant cry from schools for more money reveals the inability of most educators to think of innovative approaches.”

“Our transitional education policy would distribute schools to the community through shares, empowering parents to become involved with their child’s education. The separation of school and state would allow new methods, subjects and ideas to evolve in a free market system.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”