A 15 Girl charged with intimidating teacher

A 15 Girl charged with intimidating teacher

December 11, 2008, 8:16 am-year-old Taranaki girl, already in trouble for assaulting a teacher last week, has been charged with intimidation after allegedly confronting the woman twice at the weekend.

A police investigation into the school fracas last week has confirmed the girl assaulted the teacher after having non-regulation clothing confiscated.

The school, which said the student knocked the teacher to the ground and repeatedly punched her, has expelled the girl.

Senior Sergeant Matt Prendergast told the Taranaki Daily News the student had since stalked and intimidated the teacher.

Twice last weekend the middle-aged woman was allegedly surrounded by a predominantly female gang, including the girl, and abused.

Mr Prendergast said during both incidents, another girl was observed inches away from the teacher yelling obscenities at her.

The teacher’s car was also targeted and damaged, with mirrors smashed while she and her husband were shopping.

The girl has been bailed on two counts of intimidation and referred to Youth Aid. Others involved will also be dealt with by Youth Aid.

Mr Prendergast said pack mentality led to the “disgusting behaviour”.

“It’s uncalled for. Everybody’s tougher when they get into a pack,” he said.

Despite sustaining serious injuries in the original assault, the teacher had returned to work but was damaged by the events, her principal said.

“It’s just traumatic. This is her community, she and her whanau have lived here for many, many years,” the principal said.