Mother of the Year Award


Would be great to see a few Home Educating Mothers among the finalists:

Mother of the Year Award

Welcome to the Second Kiwi Families Mother of the YearIn 2007, we ran the inaugural Kiwi Families Mother of the Year Award. This was met with such a huge response from families across New Zealand that we are bringing it to you for the second time – with even more prizes!


Who is New Zealand’s best mum? Kiwi Families, in association with Kiwibank, wants to find out and is running a nationwide competition to find an inspirational role model.

The Mother of the Year Award will be announced for Mother’s Day and the winner will be rewarded with a $5,000 Kiwibank account, a 12 month membership from Contours, a Rodney Wayne makeover, and a Chefs Toolbox Como advanced 36cm Wok with Steamer and Lid. There are also a host of other prizes for finalists.

This is an award to recognise those most often unappreciated of people … the dedicated, hard-working, behind-the-scenes mum.

She’s the heroine, the worker-bee, the community asset, the quiet power broker of family life – and now Kiwi Families wants to find the very best representative of her kind in the country.

New Zealand has hundreds of thousands of mothers who beaver away quietly every day, working hard to raise good children and often achieving this against incredible odds. Kiwi Families wants to celebrate those women and say ‘well done!’

Motherhood is such a complex job, filled with both light and dark at times. The highs of love, of bonding, of laughter, of a million special moments as you watch your children grow and develop and discover who they are … and the lows, the unending commitment that is needed, the having to carry on even when you are exhausted and burnt out, being the one support person who never goes away and who has to carry enough belief in yourself and your child when they are flagging.

Most mothers wouldn’t swap their role for the world, but a bit of appreciation at times never goes amiss!

This is an award of the people, for the people. Anyone can nominate a mother and once the ten finalists have been selected, the Kiwi Families team will select the winner.

Second and third placegetters will each win a 6 month Contours membership (worth approx $700), a Rodney Wayne makeover (worth $250), and a Chefs Toolbox Como advanced 38cm Saute Pan (worth $275)

The other 7 top ten finalists will each win a 3 month Contours membership (worth approx $400).

Also courtesy of Contours 100 nominees will win a 1 month Contours membership.

Special Prizes For the Kids

Courtesy of Kiwibank we have 5 x $100 Kids Bank Accounts for the best written nominations by children aged from 5 to 12. The nominations can be written as poetry or prose (we had some great ones last year that you might like to dust off!)

Women who would be eligible for this award include:

  • natural mothers
  • single, de facto or married mothers
  • adoptive mothers
  • step mothers
  • foster mothers
  • grandmothers raising grandchildren

We are looking for inspirational role models who may have triumphed over adversity, or are just simply doing a fantastic job of raising children and contributing to their communities.

Kiwi Families and Kiwibank are right behind this national iconic event which recognises mums who are doing a great job. And in case you’re wondering, there will also be a Kiwi Families Father of the Year Award again this year, presented for Father’s Day in September.

If you would like to nominate a special woman for the Kiwi Families Mother of the Year Award, then follow the links below:

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Nomination Form Form to use for submitting your nomination.
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Prizes and Sponsorship Check out the fantastic prizes for Mother of the Year!