Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Venue for Students

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Entrepreneurs’ Club is an online financial literacy and entrepreneurship venue for students. Please feel free to view the website at (there is a sample tutorial on the homepage).

It was launched in Auckland two months ago and now they have 30+ Auckland schools taking part. They are planning on offering it to schools throughout the country. Students work as individuals or form teams of two or three members and complete practical tasks throughout the year.

Students learn via online video tutorials, network with other teams from their school or city, and have access to mentors for support and guidance. Topics include money, budgeting and saving, companies and shares, currency, mortgages and buying a home, etc…and writing a business plan, building a financial model, validating the market, etc…depending on the age group. The Entrepreneurs’ Club caters for Years 6-13.

The Duffy Club is happy to open this opportunity to home educated children!

I will act as the coordinator. If you are interested in your children taking part please contact me.
It will take me a couple of days to get back to you with more details: at the moment I am setting up the “Homeschool” school.


Tarnya Burge