Rainbow’s End update

Rainbow’s End

Rainbows End

is happening for 200+ homeschoolers.

Rainbow’s End is booked in for Monday 23 November

  • 10.15am gather at Rainbow’s End carpark
  • with correct cash please –
  • paid to me (Johanna). [must get myself a flag or something!]
  • Don’t be late – or you miss out 🙂
  • $15 for each rider 2 years old and older.
  • (Under 2s and spectators or “non-riding supervisors” free)
  • Bring sun gear and lunch, if you like.
  • Final bookings with me (Johanna) before 4 pm Monday 16th.
  • No unbooked turn-ups on the day!!
  • jmcwnz@gmail.com
  • Letter to those who’ve booked in will be sent to your email on Monday.
  • We are sharing the Park with about 1000 school students, but they tend to go at 2.30pm – then we have till 5pm to ‘play’ pretty much by ourselves.
What fun! – now all we need is some fine enough weather for the day …  Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. B-)
Johanna W
07-8553126 (Hamilton)
A firm favourite! :: Click to enlarge

A firm favourite!

Great fun inside for the littlies! :: Click to enlarge

Great fun inside for the littlies!

Everyone loves the dodgems :: Click to enlarge

Everyone loves the dodgems