August 15, 2022

“A Parent’s Perspective on College” Voddie Baucham Webinar (free)

It is a question faced by almost every parent of a high schooler.

‘What should we do about college?’ Or perhaps, ‘Where can my student get the best education without compromising their values?’

You want your student to be prepared for success, but at what cost (financially, spiritually, etc.)?

A Parent’s Perspective on College

Join nationally renowned Christian speaker Voddie Baucham and his daughter, Jasmine, for a free 60 minute webinar, as they share their perspectives on college – and learn why and how they made the decision they did for Jasmine to pursue and earn her bachelor’s degree.

The questions are real and the stakes are high.

The webinar is free and it takes about 20 seconds to register (which you can do by clicking here). More importantly, you’ll learn how your student can ‘own their education’, pursue focused academic excellence, and go after the dreams God has given them while earning their degree.


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