NZ statistics: beyond homeschooling

So you were homeschooled. What do you think of that now, looking back? You can still have your say, but be quick… I am writing this up in the New Year so you have this week to complete the survey.
 Hi Guys, I am a homeschooling Mum of seven from Waipara, North Canterbury. We have been homeschooling for 25 years (only 6 more to go!). I am a foundation member of Canterbury Home Educators.
I am keen to generate some NZ statistics, and to find out what all our homeschooling children are doing now as adults. It would be great to have some quantitative “results” to share with parents who are contemplating the risk of homeschooling, to counter the worries of grandparents and to challenge statements made by education professionals.
Eventually, (say by mid 2013), I plan to write up the results and make them available to homeschool groups and anyone else who is interested. If you would like a copy of the results email me at with “beyond homeschooling” in the subject line.
The only requirement for this survey is that you have been homeschooled in NZ for at least one year, and have now finished your  secondary education.
Thank you so much to Oliver Fisher, for putting this on line, and Michael Redepenning, for coaching me on the editing process.
Thanks also to Brian. D. Ray, Ph D, who gave me permission to use his questions from “Home Educated and Now Adult”, 2004.
Please pass on this info to eligible folk you are in contact with.
sincerely Jenny Barkley.
There has been a fantastic response to this survey but Jenny doesn’t want to miss out on anyone who would like to be a part of it. So the survey is open for another week. Please fill the survey out today or if you, or your children have filled out the survey already please encourage your friends to fill it out. Thankyou.

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