Return Domenic Johansson to His Parents – putting pressure in Sweden

To create some more pressure in Sweden…

It say’s something like,

If the CPS didn’t exist, I would still be able to smile for real, and be able to say mom and dad for real, and I would live in a real family.

I am one of thousand children in Sweden who are living in a state of emotional torture, because of severe corruption within the CPS system.

The last thing I said to my father was, “What I fear the most is to go back to the foster family”, that was November 2010, now the connection between us is totally broken..

Plz share, and if possible, translate and copy, perhaps fix the grammar a bit.

All the best and so much more!


From the Smiths:

Updated 1 October 2014:  Three years on (Craig Smith’s Health) page 7 click here


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One thought on “Return Domenic Johansson to His Parents – putting pressure in Sweden

  1. I believe you understand what it is like to live with your parents and receive the benefit of being able to see your parents, talk with your parents.

    Why does Domenic Johansson have all these human rights taken off him just because he lives in Sweden and have chosen to take the rights to educate him at home?

    Please return him to his parents so he can have his rights as a human to live and be loved by his family and you a as a nation can honour human rights for your people. Sweden is a beautiful nation we are sad to see such an abusive behaviour happening in this beautiful nation.

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