Changes to the Education Act

My internet is too slow at the moment so I can’t get into this link on my computer. From beginning to read the link, on my phone, it looks like we may have to do some lobbying over the proposed changes in the Education Act.

The first thing that I have noticed is that once a 5 year old begins school – school will be compulsory from the day that they first attend school.

“While children were able to start on their 5th birthday, the Act could be changed to make attendance compulsory once they did start, instead of from the age of 6.”

We often get inquiries from those parents whose 5 year olds are at school and they realise that school is not working for their child and want to home educate. Easy we say just pull your child out of school and begin home educating them. THEN begin filling out an application form to home educate them. You have up until they turn 6 to apply for the exemption.

If the law is changed then the family would have to leave their child in school until they get an exemption or go through the hoops to get a justified abense.

I still need to take a look at the proposed changes.

The proposed timeline for the changes to the Education Act at this stage:

“Public consultation opened on Monday and would run until December 14.

“The outcome would become known in early 2016, before a Bill was drafted and introduced to Parliament.”


Five-year-olds may no longer start school on their birthdays under an education review.
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