January 27, 2021

Day 1, Free Online International Home Schooling Conference

It’s Day 1 of the Homeschooling Conference.

MONDAY, July 13: Homeschooling Foundation
TUESDAY, July 14: Homeschooling Methodologies
WEDNESDAY, July 15: Homeschooling Curriculum
THURSDAY, July 16: Homeschooling Communities
FRIDAY, July 17: Homeschooling Learning Platforms
Saturday, July 18: Homeschooling in Different Countries
SUNDAY, July 19: Homeschooling Inspiring Stories
You can SEE THE SCHEDULE HERE https://smpl.ro/al/QwSYgonh5mi2eqi8wSw6o3GX/19088-Barbara-Smith

Today, it’s Homeschooling Foundation Monday! You’ll learn everything you need to know on how to get started with homeschooling – from homeschool laws, basics, etc.

Ready to learn?

Here´s today’s sessions

  1. KEYNOTE SPEECH: DR. PETER GRAY: ” Trustful Parenting In The Context Of Homeschooling “
  2. ALISON MORROW: ” Deschooling As A Foundation To Homeschooling Success”
  3. DANNY HUERTA: ” Effective Parenting And Homeschooling “
  4. JAMIE GADDY: ” Homeschool Planning And Work Planning For Success “
  5. TERESA WIEDRICK: ” Homeschool Mama Self-Care: How To Thrive Not Just Survive “
  6. KAREN WILLSON: “How To Simplify Homeschooling”
  7. JAMIE HESTON: ” Homeschooling 101 “



Note: If you have a VIP ALL Access Pass (purchased the conference for US$19.00) you have lifetime access to ALL RECORDINGS of each session in the members area, as well as exclusive bonuses. You can login to your members area


Remember, you will have 48 hours to watch each session after it goes live. Afterwhich, it will be locked inside our members vault and ONLY VIP ALL Access Pass holders get unlimited access to the entire Conference, plus special bonuses, resources, and more! If you aren´t a VIP all access pass holder YOU CAN UPGRADE HERE (before the price go up!)


Here’s how the event works:

***You’ll get a new email each day from 7/13 – 7/19 with a link to that day’s sessions.
***Each day’s sessions are available on-demand for 48 hours ONLY after it goes live.
***You can get lifetime access at an early bird special by purchasing the VIP ALL Access Pass — but hurry before the price goes up!
***Got a friend who’d like to join us in class? Share the Homeschooling Conference with them RIGHT NOW so they won’t miss today’s speakers — or tomorrow’s (AKILAH S. RICHARDS, JERRY MINTZ, DANIEL PRINCE, JUDY ARNALL, LAINIE LIBERTI, ASHLEY DE TELLO, JUDY SARDEN, CINDY RINNA…)


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