It would be great if some emails came from New Zealand.

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From: Chris Klicka
Sent: Friday, 11 January 2008 1:00 p.m.
Subject: We need an email from you for Romania ASAP

Urgent Email needed for Romanian Homeschoolers!

January 10, 2008

Dear Homeschool Leaders:

As you know, we have been working with Gabriel Curcubet, president of the Romanian Home Schooling Association, in order to convince the Romanian government to specifically recognize and legalize homeschooling.
The last email elert to parliament helped the Ministry of Education put homeschooling starting at 5th grade into the Educational Law project. They are now calling for a public debate. We must continue to fight for home schooling beginning from grade K.

The project will be in public debate for one month. Around the middle of January will be submitted to the Parliament, and the two educational committees.

Gabriel has been active in talking with members of the Romanian Parliament, and has personally contacted 5 key members who would like more information on homeschooling in order to help pass a law for all grades.

These five members of Parliament, listed below, need to hear from you by January 17.

Please include in your letter 4 things:

1. The name of your homeschool organization and how many homeschoolers you represent (estimated number in your state).

2. Academic achievement of homeschooling in your state or country (anecdotal or statical)

3. The benefits of homeschooling to the good of the state or country.

4. Affordability to the family and the savings to the government.

Please send a copy of your email to each person listed below:

Senator Irinel Popescu,
President of the Educational Committee of the Senate who wants more information on homeschooling.

Senator Radu Tarle,
He is not a member of the Educational Committee, but he is one of the key parliament members who is interested in home schooling—he also serves in the European Parliament.

Senator Gheorghe David,
He has talked to the media about homeschooling. He also committed himself to help legalize home schooling, after
the mass e-mail alerts we did to parliament a few months ago.

Deputy Petru Andea,
One of the two vice presidents of the Educational Committee, he helped the Romanian Home Schooling Association meet the former Undersecretary of State Chiran.

Deputy Alecsandru Stiuca,
Requested more information about home schooling in order to help.

Gabriel Curcubet, president of the Romanian Home Schooling Association,

Thank you for taking the time to write these Members about homeschooling achievement. You will help homeschooling get legalized in Romania!

We are planning on doing one more general elert later to get mass emails to all the parliament.


Chris Klicka