HSLDA: Don’t Take My Kids!

TOMORROW, Thursday, February 9,

@ 2:00 p.m. (ET)—Don’t Take My Kids!

(Friday in the Southern Hemisphere)

Mike Donnelly

As you go through the school day with your children, do you ever wonder what might be happening to other homeschooling families across the ocean? Do they enjoy the peace of mind you do? As HSLDA’s director of international relations, Mike Donnelly has been actively involved in supporting homeschooling families abroad, and in “Don’t Take My Kids!” he will give a detailed account of the homeschool situation in countries like Germany and Sweden. Donnelly will be joined by international guests and invites you to join the discussion as well—live and over the phone! Bring the whole family and find out how you and your kids can be involved in making homeschool freedom a global reality. This e-vent is free and open to the public, so sign up now!



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