October 3, 2023

The Albert Mohler Radio Program – No More Homeschooling: Way Too Religious


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Date: Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Program Title: No More Homeschooling: Way Too Religious
Description: Amanda Kurowski has been denied the right to receive homeschooling from her mother in the state of New Hampshire. Why? According to the District Court in New Hampshire, Amanda has received too much religious education from her mother. The District Judge has taken Amanda away from her mother and mandated that she must attend a public school to “shake up” her Christian faith. Should Judges have this much authority? On today’s program, Dr. Mohler notes the dangers and far reaching implications of this court’s decision to have the State raise and educate Amanda Kurowski.
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  1. vittoria heijn says

    Where does this Judge get off when this woman was homeschooling her child…..who made him God, this was her decision and there are many homeschooling families that don`t even bother to try and give thier children an education…..this woman was not neglecting her child. he needs to rethink his decision, he obviously has no faith….tut, tut, tut judge…hope your sleep is tormented.

  2. It is a scary time in America–election of a socialist president has empowered the left to get a tighter control on the masses.

  3. The bottom line is that the court decision, in fact the court’s involvement in the first place came about in a perfectly ordinary way that has nothing to do with homeschooling- and everything to do with parental rights.
    And it is parental rights that were upheld in this decision.
    You see, Amanda also has a father.
    Yes, Amanda’s mother had custody. However, most mothers do. But fathers have rights along with the responsibilities we generally prefer to discuss when it comes to fathers, and Amanda’s father and mother do not have the same religious beliefs. When the parents of a child can not come to an agreement that they can both live with, chances are – they’re going to court, and the resulting decision will always be far more extreme that what they could have worked out on their own.
    In this case, the judge decided that Amanda’s father had just as much right as her mother to a say in what was taught to their child. Given that Amanda’s mother was not willing to cooperate with her father in any way, the court ordered the child to school as the best way of ensuring that father’s rights were respected – at HIS request.
    Parental rights are not the sole purview of women, and refusing to believe that a child’s father should have any say in the raising of his child is NOT the way to ‘defend’ homeschooling.
    This was not over homeschooling – this was over divorce and parenting.
    My Ex hates that I homeschool, can’t stand my religious beliefs- but we’re not fighting over this in court- because we came to a civilized agreement that we are BOTH our children’s parents.