Please help home educators in N. Ireland by signing this petition

Here is a note I received, via Facebook, while I was still in hospital. I have only just found it. So I don’t know how much longer the petition will be available to sign. So please sign it straight away and pass it onto others to sign – thankyou

Dear Home Education Foundation,

Home educators in Northern Ireland desperately need the help of our friends in New Zealand. The education board here in N. Ireland has recently released a draft policy which will require mandatory registration, approval to home educate, approval of curriculum, home inspections and interviews with children. This is obviously very alarming for the hundreds of families here who home educate their children. Our home education association here is called HEDNI (Home Educators in Northern Ireland.) You can find more information about us here

We were wondering if there was any way in which you might consider putting a link on your facebook page to our e-petition on, as we could really use some help from our fellow home educators in New Zealand. We just launched the e-petition yesterday and while it has over eight hundred signatures, it really could use your help. Is there any way you would consider helping us by putting a link on your facebook page to our petition to support home education in Northern Ireland.

We really appreciate your consideration and any help in this matter.