A few more tips when giving an oral submission

From Dave
As someone who has done many submissions to  select committees I just wanted to pass on a few tips to other  of your supporters who have yet to do oral subs.

1. turn up early and listen to questions from members of select committee of others who share your views  – you get the same people asking the same questions. If you hear a question that you think is irrelevant to your  the submission,  and you get asked the same one, have an answer prepared and don’t be scared to tell the member that you only have 10 mins and that question is irrelevant to the submission because …..

e.g  Ngaro – who is a bit of a doozer –  asked me about children at risk ( he probably asked most o f you that Q) . I told him my submission wasnt about children at risk and you know that, we agreed so what was the point of your question. If five year olds  have to be compulsorily educated what are you going to do about giving parents the choice? etc etc etc.

2. you are primarily there to  summarise your submission and take questions. so use the first 5 mins to summarise, the next 5  mins to answer q, ifthere is no questins or not many, just keep going on expanding on your points.

3.  If they ask ( as I got asked) about the  possible quality of homeschooling, tell them about the quality of Homeschooling, then state that the question is irrelevant to the legislation as if it was quality under question, then 6-16 year old’s  would have their home schooling education threatened.

4. homeschooling doesn’t save the govt money in the scheme of things. its really small $$$$ and is not a compelling argument. In fact it would probably cost more in the short term to provide exemptions for 3-5 year olds .

5. one point to make- why should 5 year olds of beneficiaries be treated any differently? that got a bit of a response given that education is not compulsory til age 6 and they will have the same work test obligations as beneficiary parents of those 6-16, who can home school) .

6. Why make education compulsory through the social security act when we have an education act that deals with this? Ask the SC that. they have no answer to that one.


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