Beneficiaries: Policy and Law

At the moment there are two issues that we need to be looking at for Beneficiaries who home educate.

1 The law see more here

2. Policy put in place 2010 see more here

These are two very different issues and will need to be dealt with differently and separately.


Read about it in this letter to Samuel Blight

Unfortunately there are familes out there being affected by the Policy. The Ministry of Social Development have assured me that they want to look at each case individually and be fair. But with about 3000 staff it is hard for them to know who is doing their job well and who is making things difficult for beneficiaries. If your case worker at WINZ is not being fair and infact is intolerant – if your case worker thinks that you should not be home schooling or keeping your 3 – 5 year old home and is being nasty about it then Head Office would like to hear about it. Please ring 04 916-3300.

The policy is something that we need to be addressing. It has been in place since 2010, and it is not working. We need to strategise on what is best to be doing.

The Law

Read all about the law change here including the pamphlet, press releases and links

This is urgent. We have until 5pm 1 November to be putting submissions in to the Select Committee. If you have not put a submission in yet please do so as soon as possible. Here are some submissions that have already been submitted to the Select Committee

After 1 November we will need to strategise on what we should be doing during the Select Committee stage which could last up to 6 months.

So for now – during the next 7 days please put in a submission.

We would like to see everyone putting in submissions whether you are beneficiaries or not. You never know when your circumstances could change (a death, loose a job, have health issues). So please put in a submission.

If you have put in a submission please get your family and friends to put in submissions. Thanks.


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