International Human Rights Day 10 December 2012

Today, 10 December, is International Human Rights Day

The right of parents to choose what kind of education their children receive is thus well-attested as a fundamental human right. The Home Education Foundation advises that in many situations, a parent’s views on what constitutes a suitable education differs broadly from the government’s views on what constitutes suitable education. In such cases, as these human rights instruments attest, it is the parent with whom the decision rests, not the government.

When the government disagrees with a parent over what constitutes a suitable education, it is the government’s opinion which must yield to the parent’s opinion in the absence of actual abuse.

We advise that a Bill which does not provide all parents with the ability to educate their own children at home will breach the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and fundamental parental rights in New Zealand

The Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill breaches Human rights.

Please read these three links for how the SS Bill breaches Human Rights:

  1. Media Release 14 – Social Security Bill Is Unjustifiably Discriminatory, Says NZ Law Society
  2. Right of Parents to Choose Education

Please use the information in these links today, the INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, to remind the Select Committee that this Bill is in breach of Human Rights.

How to contact the Select Committee members:

Against the Bill at the 1st reading:

Jacinda Ardern, Jan Logie, Rajen Prasad and Su’a William Sio,,,

Those who voted for the Bill at the 1st reading

Simon BridgesMelissa LeeAsenati Lole-Taylor , Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, Tim Macindoe, Alfred Ngaro, and Mike


If you missed writing a letter on the 10th then it is not too late to write an email/letter or to ring or visit the Select Committee members. Today is a good day to contact them. Here is some more information for contacting the Select Committee:  Contacting the Select Committee

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